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Re: In Need of a Game Review

Postby Merlin_Kalkinput » Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:42 pm

Thank you, ITB and Danny. I'm working on the mentioned issues now.

Updates done after the previous comments:

Edit: Ok, so I released a new version of the game (2.9) and if any of you want to check it out it's up. Though if you wait a day or two I should have another one up.

2.9 Candy! 7/29/2014

1)I've been working on furthering the eye candy of the game, in this update you should find that maps are more appealing.
2)No more Mr. Overpower bandit. The bandit has been greatly taken down a notch on how powerful he is, though he is still challenging.
3)Spider difficulty. Spiders have been made to be a tad more difficult to kill, so as to not be too easy.
4)Gender selection taken out. The gender selection has been taken out for further development.
5)Class creation overhaul. Choosing your class is much more easier now.
6)Map resizing. Many maps have been resized, including inside of buildings. More of this is sure to come.
7)Fighters Guild redo. I had to completely remake the fighters guild due to serious glitches, and bugs.If you find any blocking issues within the Fighter's Guild please notify me through a PM.
8 )A few new NPCs

Edit: Version 3.0 is up. Seeing everyone's posts made me want to get busy. So the main thing everyone should note is that this update was all based on story.

3.0: Story! 7/29/2014

1)Created an in game tutorial.
2)5 new maps
3)New NPCS
4)The story has been stabilized a lot more. You're no longer plopped in a town, and left to figure out the rest. This whole update was for this.

Edit: Version 3.1 is up. Very sorry, to anyone who may have had complications with 3.0. This version was mainly based on glitch fixes.

3.1: SPLAT! 7/31/2014

1)MANY bug fixes, especially for features from version 3.0.
2)More eye candy
3)Some map resizing
4)The Sunev has been added on to a lot. (No new maps for it, just enhancing already present ones)
5)Added in a cemetery in Balrun.
6)Added in the old man's garden.

Edit: After 2 months of work version 3.2 is now released, and It has a lot of cool looking features. Enjoy!

3.2: Mongo! 9/24/2014

1)Some maps have been modified to
look more appealing.
2)Lots of dynamic lighting in select areas.
3)Lots of new interface sound effects.
4)Interface modifications.
5)Created an intro sequence to the
6)Big Bosses now have a health bar
that will display whenever the player
is within a certain proximity of the
7)Multhrog Lair : New Look changes
8 )Lots of blocking, and glitch fixes.
9)Multhrog has been modified.
10)Loading screen changes
11)Credits have been modified greatly.
12)Created a Game Over screen

Edit: In the span of about 3 hours of work I was able to create version 3.3. Yay! You 'll find a crap load of glitch fixes in this one, but I did include some BRAND NEW features.

3.3:"The Big 2-0" 10/12/2014

1)MP can now recharge.
2)Created a full quest log
3)Inn bakery prices fixed.
4)Old man dialog, and quest, changed/fixed.
5)Spiders can now respawn(after a certain amount of time)
6)Major food glitch fixes, and price, and hp changes.
7)Blocking fixes.
8 )Some maps now have many more resources added on to them.
9)Some interface eye candy
10)Map, that leads to Multhrog's lair, teleportation glitch fixed.
11)Huntsman's house entrance glitch fixed.
12)MG entrance quest fixed.
13)Sarah dialog changed/fixed.
14)FG Associate test is now harder.
15)FG trainees now make fighting sounds.
16)Sarah's FG quest fixed.
17)Inn in Balrun dialog changes
18)Date quest is now fixed
19)Blacksmiths dialog changed/fixed.
20)Status interface sprite fixes.
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