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Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Sat Dec 24, 2016 1:12 pm

Travesty is an upcoming survival masterpiece brought to you by the Ramchuk Entertainment Games Team (REGT). Set in a minimalistic world -that for the first time in 001 Game Creator history offers no borders, the unique blend of 3rd-person action, progressive challenges, and sandbox elements, will appeal to those seeking adventure with a thrill. Discover the hidden secrets of the procedurally-generated forlorn lands that lie on the horizon and meet the dangers brought upon you by thirst-driven treasure hunters. Craft your way from a mere explorer to a mighty warrior and build your fortress of hope as you defend the virtue of your long travels. Learn the value of time as the darkness which surrounds you brings your way many exciting ventures. The world is open and the choice is yours, to live free or to perish in travesty.




Minimalism is a trend started years ago, but Travesty is a special case of minimal design. Cubic in nature, low-poly on the technical side, the visuals give off an original vibe of vibrant adventures and dark unknowns. Truly, this isn't the core focus of the game, as much more awaits the patient players. Deep down, Travesty is a familiar and intuitive concept where the imagination meets virtual reality. Basic to look at, the project is focused on delivering engaged gameplay and progressive difficulty, making survival -however defined, just a bit more exciting. The world on its own is a unique presentation of isolation and harsh terms, as procedural design involves new territories without escape and limited resources pose a risk for eventual player extinction.

To stay within the desired scope of design, various features usually associated with the survival genre are actually missing. This includes the ability to farm or replenish any of the depletable resources, weather and environmental effects in general, as well as damage dealt from players falling. Together, this removes a rather significant portion of relevant detail, but in turn offers greater room to expand on what Travesty is really all about; combative strategy and structural design. Where most prolonged effort is to be expected in resource collection, Travesty moreover quickens this process by offering resource management tools to players immediately, redirecting the focus to the use of resources instead.


Minimalism Forget complexity and dive into a world of sophisticated easy, cube-ness has never made more sense than now; or does it.
Sandbox Survival Gather resources, craft materials, and build your mighty fortress.
Progressive Difficulty Learn the value of time as your journey takes you far into the dangerous wilderness, tall mountains, or the deep waters; it’s Travesty for a reason.
Procedurally Generated Worlds Never explore the same isolated lands again, but seek greater treasures with infinite adventures.
Seamless Borders For the first time ever in 001 Game Creator, travel beyond map boundaries to unveil the secrets of the seas.
Liquid Simulation Deeper than one thinks, water is all around, though likely not the best of methods for travel.
Active 3rd-Person Movement System Navigate the world using intuitive and responsive controls that offer unbeatable flexibility regardless of view; you’ll never miss the action.

Currently in the works is a Technical Demo that will be released to the public upon notice. The general purpose of the demo is to test the player movement system, to showcase the procedural landscapes, and to gather community feedback for future developments.

Special Thanks To
evs, for working on the 3D animations.

Technical Demo v0.2 released to the public; under ongoing development.

Technical Demo v0.1 released to the public; under ongoing development.

Online features have been postponed until further notice and provided information was updated accordingly. For some time, the primary focus of the project will revolve around single player features.


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Send away!
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Travesty: 3D Survival - WIP >>> Forum Topic
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Re: Travesty: 3D Survival - Tech Demo Released!

Postby SBG » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:56 pm

I can't believe no one's responded to this. This is a technical powerhouse as far as released 001 projects go. Great job!

Here's some critiques from the tech demo:

I'm not sure which features are available at the moment, but I was only able to walk around and open the map. I'm assuming that's all there is at the moment, which is fine as it's a first edition tech demo.

When hitting the left or right inputs, it stops accelerate and reverse, even if those inputs are still held down. It interrupts the flow of movement. I recommend putting a check inside your left/right up input trigger scripts that checks if either the forward or reverse inputs are active, and if they are, continue to accelerate or reverse.

Lastly, there's potential for players to get stuck. I was hopping around the treetops and mountains and fell in between a group of tall trees and (fortunately) a mountain block small enough to hop on to get out. If that mountain block were any taller, I'd definitely be stuck. Hopefully there will be some sort of climbing feature to prevent this.

A lot of promise here though man!

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Re: Travesty: 3D Survival - Tech Demo Released!

Postby Mr.Numbers » Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:08 am

More or less had the same experience as SBG, fascinating work so far man! As well, if you actually got seamless maps working absolute props to you man! I attempted this forever ago and I got it kinda-sorta-working but it was quite buggy..

The camera angle was slightly annoying, I really wanted to be able to make the camera go lower however I can see it as a potential limitation due to render distances and such, I'm assuming thats why there was such a tight camera restriction?

Absolutely can't wait to see where you go with this project! Definitely potential here :)
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Re: Travesty: 3D Survival - Tech Demo Released!

Postby evs » Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:20 am

hmm, thats actually a good idea, to restrict the camera so they cant look horizontal. annoying but sometimes neccesary. i also found the directional controls a bit sticky. the world building is verry exiting though. will you consider some more advanced textures? p.s. i sent through some new poses and items, so get in there and chop some trees :)

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Re: Travesty: 3D Survival - Tech Demo Released!

Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:20 am

Thank you for being the first to share your thoughts and inspiring others to follow. :D Just as with anyone, your feedback is very valuable and I appreciate it.

I should have probably at least attempted to define some gameplay features for the demo, to be somewhat informative of what players can expect, but I assumed it's safe to let players discover the elements for themselves. Thus, tis true, the current tech demo is primarily a movement system test, as well as a performance showcase. I'm happy to learn that the latter is rather satisfying.

I have made some movement revisions that will be available in the next version, but unfortunately the controls issue is more complicated than it looks. The issue with a common fix to the problem, such as allowing two controls to be pressed at one time, is that it's really not practical with the current setup. The current movement system involves two controllers instead of the traditional four (for each direction). This was necessary to allow for sideway movements without affecting the camera view and yet letting the player still control the flow of directional movement. In the end, it all comes down to a simple issue; in order to allow for multiple controls to be pressed at any one time, it is necessary to run background scripts (due to the custom movement scripting), which as I have tested, has a negative performance effect. I will look into the issue further, however, to see if there is an efficient way of going about it. There likely will be.

I'm glad that you brought up the topic of obstacles, because there is actually one problem that I have not addressed yet; players falling between tall mountain blocks. Trees are of no concern, as players will have the necessary tools to chop them down. Mountains, on the other hand, pose an interesting threat, because allowing a takedown is not planned; it would be disastrous. Climbing is an interesting solution though, I will keep it as an open idea.

The seamless aspect of Travesty simply involves an endless ocean to explore, which will not be necessarily empty, as I find it important to make use of this and add certain features for players to enjoy. I will write more on this when the time comes.

Actually, the camera is restricted as is simply to avoid visual glitching -seeing through objects and texture popping primarily. It may be a lame excuse, but the only way around this would be to script a smart camera that avoids collisions and that pans up automatically to go over objects... This is not the route I wish to take, as it's more work than benefit. The satisfaction of allowing a camera to go lower is an insufficient argument for scripting a complex system designed to resolve issues that one has naturally created. If such camera behavior is added to the engine itself though, I'd be more than happy to make use of it.

I'm not entirely driven by visuals, especially such that require major outsourcing. This is one reason why I decided to adopt a minimalistic image, but also because the simplicity of things has a soothing effect. Detail is definitely something I'd like to improve, but in a way that doesn't overcomplicate the simple scheme. If anyone wishes to suggest texture ideas, I'd be more than happy to consider the options. Until then, I am more than happy with current results, knowing that I can mainly focus on gameplay elements without too much worry about graphics. Travesty is simplistic as is, but there are great depths to be explored gameplay-wise, so I believe the lack of talent texture-wise is forgivable.

PERFORMANCE TIP: After thorough testing, I was able to uncover a simple way of improving framerate stability. This tip is primarily aimed at users who have dedicated graphics and a way of tweaking individual program settings. I have noticed that in-engine vertical-synchronization is insufficient in its power to maintain stable framerates. When disabled, players can expect to experience odd frame skipping and frame delays as more than necessary frames are being loaded. This is even true for users who do not expect to run the game at 60 FPS. When enabled, frame delays become more noticeable and frame skipping is so jumpy that it has a major impact on playability. Having an Nvidia GPU, I have the choice of using program-specific settings for graphics, or by personal preference. The better alternative, as I have figured, is to use your GPU v-sync settings over what is offered by default in the game. This means enabling v-sync, which is recommended, through your GPU control panel. The end result is a refined product that greatly enhances the player experience, as camera movement becomes smooth and the environment rendering rather appealing. A part of this fix deals with some changes that will be available in the next version of the tech demo, but even current users should try this to note any improvements.
Travesty: 3D Survival - WIP >>> Forum Topic
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Re: Travesty: 3D Survival - Tech Demo Released!

Postby Mike » Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:08 am

Have you tried the new maximum framerate feature yet? It could help.

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Re: Travesty: 3D Survival - MOVING FORWARD UPDATE IS LIVE!

Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Fri Apr 07, 2017 11:29 pm

Is the feature available in v1.017.014? If so, I have not been able to find it. Otherwise, I have no way of trying it yet; come next version, I'll be sure to see what happens.


Tech Demo v0.2 just made its way to and there is a lot of ground to cover. To start, a big thank you to everyone who has been following the topic and this rather short development journey thus far. It has been a pleasant adventure and I can’t wait to see what the future brings, but as today stands, there are already plenty of things to talk about. Not many of you have actually landed an opportunity to play v0.1, but you haven’t really missed out, because the new build will speak for itself. Before I get down to sharing all the exciting news regarding the features, I’d like to take a step back and reveal a part of the bigger picture to the community. Those curious, probably wish to know what awaits Travesty down the line as a project altogether. The answer is still in beta, but most likely, I will be pushing my luck to Steam. Not many know, but this September marks my 10-year anniversary as a 001 Indie Developer, making Travesty something very special and dear to my heart. It has been a great wish of mine since the beginning of days that one of my creations sees the light of day in the open market, played by all who dare to encounter the worlds I imagine. I have never been this close to making my dream a reality and the details of which I will share in the coming future. This brings me to reveal the other end of the story, which is in regards to the Tech Demos that are being released on These demos are actually now subject to various limitations, both internally and externally, which will protect the integrity of the full-game experience. I plan to release Tech Demos until a Public Alpha, which will mark the end of the freebee season. I’d still like to offer the opportunity of trying the game for impressions, but the complete package will be reserved for Steam. As far as limitations are concerned, Tech Demos are now 5-minute gameplay trials that feature core functionality of the game, but with a time limit and feature downgrades. This includes a limit on the amount and kind of worlds generated, gameplay progression, and AI. To prevent overexposure of features, worlds are currently limited to 10 specifically-selected seeds and will only consist of non-aggressive AI models (wildlife). Gameplay will moreover not progress as typically expected and crafting will be limited to very few items. All in all, these releases should offer plenty of insight into the project, while holding primary features for premium players. Pricing will be determined upon release, and likely set by market alternatives, which are subject to change.


Now, for everyone following the development of this project, I’d like to present the exciting new features making their way into the latest build and what you can expect in terms of gameplay. Since the last release, I had a chance to review some of the core establishments and make the necessary changes to improve the player experience altogether. You will note various visual glitch fixes and also some new world additions, such as vegetation in rivers – to spice things up. These are fairly minor changes, which over time should add a significant amount of value to the project, as they will eventually play a role in core gameplay. This leads me to discuss a newly added ability of collecting resources, such as wood and stone. These primary world building materials require that players use designated equipment and spend time to actually collect the resource. They will eventually be used in crafting structure-specific elements. It’s important to note that all game-world resources are limited, meaning that it is entirely possible to remove all trees from the world surface, as well as mountains. The dangers of doing so are many, but this is a discussion for later times. What is more valuable to discuss, however, is the addition of a player inventory system, which adds meaning to the collection of game items. The implemented model is an intuitive drag and drop system, though it does have unique quirks. More likely than not, players will find the system very comfortable and easy to use, as the thorough minimalistic style is consistently applied to all project features. Users can quickly manage items in their holding and can also assign equipment items to their appropriate slots. (Helmets and armor are delayed until much later in the development process).


HINT: You can use the Mouse Wheel to scroll through the main inventory and to select the various equipment slots in-game, as keyboard controls are not yet supported.

The movement has also now been improved to offer more flexibility and player control, with the addition of a unique quick-strafe feature. Players can now comfortably strafe from any general direction, either to avoid world obstacles or later on, to lead charge against threats. From extensive testing it has proven to be a useful implementation, allowing for more responsive movement when moving in any particular direction.

This is it for now, but I hope you all find the new build just a bit more exciting. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please share. I appreciate all the feedback I can get, as it allows me to make critical improvements to the game. It also shows me your interest in the project, which is rather inspiring. Enjoy!


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Travesty: 3D Survival - WIP >>> Forum Topic
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