Sephirah - 2D RPG

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Sephirah - 2D RPG

Postby Arseo » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:27 am

"They simply call it The Tower. It's stood there for generations, long before people found and built settlements around it and the smaller towers that surround it. Scholars have spent hundreds of years trying to figure out just why it exist. How it exist. One scholar, however, has come from a far off land in search of something else, of something once whispered to be hidden inside. The Sephirah, the eleven stones from the start of time. A prophecy from long ago claims that only once all eleven are brought together will the answers of The Tower finally be revealed. So to any brave enough to enter and search for these stones, she has but one question: Are you ready to become the most famous adventurer in all of history?"


Sephirah is a role-playing game where you take control of one of the many adventurers who have attempted to find out the secrets behind The Tower. Early in your adventure, a local scholar in the town of Path's End request you attempt to find the titular stones in hopes of finding those secrets. Should you decide to help her, or attempt to gain powers from the stones themselves, is entirely up to you.

Current features as of Test Build
==>Basic character creation (Male or Female, plus clothing colors)


==>Custom leveling system with no level cap




==>Multiple difficulty levels


==>Leveled list for weapons/armor vendors
==>Leveled list for enemy spawns
==>Weapon/Armor durability (note: currently pretty buggy and basic, but workable)
==>Stamina statistic for attacking
==>Ability to have custom weapons/armors created using monster drops
==>Side-quest that ARE NOT "Go here and kill X of Y to get Z." or "Go here and bring me X of Y to get Z."
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Re: Sephirah - 2D RPG

Postby evs » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:47 am

sounds like a solid premise

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