Traveller Of Worlds

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Traveller Of Worlds

Postby Mage42 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:02 pm


Traveller Of Worlds is a 2D Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure Platformer for the Windows PC. You travel to other planets via a portal, make enemies, make allies, kick enemy a$$ and get lots of cool stuff while doing it.

This is NOT a "Building/Crafting" game like Minecraft or Terraria. You can not break blocks and build things.

Game Features

* Purchase New clothes (And wear them)
* Purchase Food (Can eat)
* Purchase Water, Milk, Pop, Beer... (Can Drink)
* Ability to asend and decend ladders, ropes and chains (And smoothly without bugs)
* Buy properties and live in them (Got to have a pad right?)
* Build sandcastles (Why not?)
* Purchase Boats (And row them on water smoothly with no bugs)
* Fishing! (Can't not have fishing...)
* Purchase vehicles. (Jetpacks rule!)

This and loads more to come!

Early Playable Demo Here:


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