Traveller Of Worlds

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Traveller Of Worlds

Postby Mage42 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:56 pm



You are a traveller, a world traveller. You travel to other planets via an ancient portal, a portal that was buried thousands of years ago, no-one knows why. You will discover new worlds and alien races, each with there own unique theme. You will trade with other aliens that offer a range of mysterious items, from strange looking fruits to god-like weapons. You will complete quests to build up trust with alien races, become allies and battle together to take down an evil alien race that is plaquing the galaxy. Visit alien shops from around the galaxy, purchase new weapons, items, properties and vehicles. Purchase new clothes from simple farmer trousers to advanced battle suits. Take a break by doing a spot of fishing or visit a planet you love the most and book a room at the local tavern. This and so much more to come!


Visit alien worlds
Trade items
Unlock mysteries
Property purchasing and ability to decorate
Purchase Allotments
Solve Puzzles
Tons of primitive and advanced weapons
Go shopping for new clothes and items
Online Co-op so you can play with a friend!
Treasure hunting quests
General Quests
Plus much more!

Download a playable version for free here:

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