Jason Lauper's Building Action

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Jason Lauper's Building Action

Postby Grisson » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:04 am


Jason is a great Designer, known all around the city, and also known by making justice on his own way, that is kinda violent... Which made the police also become a kind-of enemy for Jason. One day, Jason was on his apartment and heard a lot of noises coming from the roof and other parts of town, he took his gun and got to the roof to see what's going on, but the thing was even bigger than he expected...

The whole town was being stolen by criminals at the same time. Jason, enraged, started to chase the criminals and killing them one by one.

.: NEWS :.

This is the first demo version, which has 7 levels (and a lot of secrets), may have some bugs but I've tested a lot to ensure there's just a few bugs (or even none). In any case, you can post them here if you find any.

This feature the following:

- Translations to English and Portuguese (Spanish is coming too)
- Corrections to the character speed to allow easier jumps
- Corrections to the character animations (more frames)


They are all on the download page, you can take a better look there.


The concept of the game comes basically from the first draw I did for Jason on PhotoShop. After that I decided to create the tiles and everything else, but I decided to give me a challende and create all the stuff only using GIMP instead. Since that, except for the idle frame of jason, anything else was done with GIMP ;) ps: GIMP is a free and open source image editor, which is as good as photoshop, but for free, basically.

Also, all the maps are ambiented mostly with 80's and 90's songs in MIDI format, but there's also some modern songs too.


Please refer to the download page in order to download the game.


This game is only possible thanks to Grisson (me) and Namingway!
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