Rules for resources. ***Updated 10/07/10***

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Rules for resources. ***Updated 10/07/10***

Postby 24 » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:29 pm

If you know what the old stickies talking about copying, resource shops, requesting resources, and whom to send problems to you still need to read this I have updated some things. ;) Updates are in bold.

1st: Stealing Resources. We ask that you don't submit anything that you did not make yourself. Not even recoloring it. The only way we will allow it is if you have the original maker PM me (24) telling me that it's OK. Now it is OK to add on and recolor to the ones the Pierre has made. I don't know about the new ones to come from the other guy Mike will have to elaborate on that before I say anything.

2nd: Resource Shops. We do not allow them. For the reason that it would kill the purpose of the resource forum. And some resources would be hard to find. Resources might not be done due to the "Shop owner" might leave the forums leaving in topic request not filled. Any that are found will be locked.

3rd: Requesting Resources. It's easy to do. Ask for one resource for each topic unless they all are closely related. (Eg. 5 swords in one topic is good. But 1 sword and 1 spell is not.) Post a image of what you want the resource to look like. Also tell what you want it to do. Like break after ten uses. You will need to name the topic to the name of the resource. (Eg. Swords needed. Not. I need a resource.) And if you will not need the resource for any reason post saying it. Resource request fillers should try to stay under having 3 resource request at one time. You should tell if you want credit or not when you tell your filling the request. If there is no image or not enough information you can still fill the request. But you can also ask for a image or more information to guide you. If you are not able fill the request post so saying it.

4th: Sprites. Only "character" sprites will be approved as sprite resources. (Eg. A Fat Male sprite will be approved. A Fat Males shirt will not.) But don't worry you can still send them in as "Items" so I can do like before and list them as "Equipment" or "Misc". Stuff like spiders and snakes are good as sprites. Just the equipment that go onto them is what I am focusing on.

If you find any problems with forums topics please report them by using the "Report post" feature. If there are any problems with submitted resources PM me about it and I'll be right on it. Thank you for reading this. 8)

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