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Lowpoly Archive/2D Sci-Fi Tilesets (Giving to community)

Postby guywiththetie » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:38 pm

I've amassed quite a large library of nature related low poly objects (modeled by myself) and I thought I'd share since 001 has that capability now.
They are all untextured, relying on material color to shade them, and in .FBX format, if that isn't okay I'll do a conversion and re-upload the assets.
These are mostly tests from when I began fiddling with low poly assets, my most recent things can't be found on itch.io Image Image

The package includes:
4 billboard grass textures/tiles
2 initial test trees/trunks
5 modular cliffs/ground packages
1 large terrain mesh
3 modular gulch/washout models
10 ground-cover objects ranging from rocks, pebbles, trees, bushes, ferns and downed logs



The assets were captured in a different engine, so the lighting may vary. You can download the archive file
here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwiU6xwrgbnDeGFySzZsejh4S0E

And for the 2d people around (they can double as 3D textures):

Corridors clean: Image
Corridors dirty: Image
Corridor diffuse revamp: Image

I stated they could be used in 3D, assembled with a cool tool that takes tile set images and let's you cut them much like 001 does but draws them in 3D, whole levels, and export as .OBJ or .FBX, it is called Crocotile and a must grab if your trying to emulate the feeling of a 90's shooter or any PS1 era 3D environments, just minus the ugly moving polys of the day.


Lighting was post in Photoshop, that about concludes it, if any format changes need be done or uploaded in the form of an 001 resource file, let m know, I have tons of extras sitting on my computer that I also intend to upload, this is more of a test trial.

Whelp, it would seem my images are not working, in any thread, does anyone have any idea why? Or am I just using the img tag wrong.
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