Isometric 2d game

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Isometric 2d game

Postby vxss57 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:59 pm

Hi all, main reason I purchased this game besides "no coding needed" as most of us have, is its isometric views.
I have researched the forum but hard to find what I'm looking for without going through so many pages. might be easier if I create a thread for myself and ask all necessary question here. I understand there is a "billboard" feature which flips 2d sprites to look like iso sprites, but where is that feature? I cant find it.
Im more comfortable with 2d sprites rather than 3d models, so I want to keep the dame 2d or 2.5, however I can make some simple 3d items, how do I import 3d art into this game, should I choose 3d development?

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