AlphaBeta (Space Explorer)

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AlphaBeta (Space Explorer)

Postby Whoacoder » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:38 pm

So this is a project I started when I first picked up a copy of GG Maker/Engine 001 back in 2015 (Don't really have a name for it yet.) Finally got my computer up and running again and decided to jump back in and see what I could fiddle with. My intention initially was to just prototype a little space explorer game since I used to play the garbage out of Star Control when I was a kid. It has since turned into quite an undertaking and rather solid project.

In an open ended universe full of star systems, you can mine and fight, trade and steal, interact with different species and factions, take on randomly generated missions and bounties, and even land on strange planets to explore worlds and ruins around the galaxy.

Current Features

Space Exploration Mode
- Top Down Ship Combat
- Planet Scanning
- Object Scanning
- Object Selection
- Space Stations
- Bulletin Board System [Random Bounties and Errands]
- Local and Galaxy-wide Rumors [Points of Interest and Information]
- Shops and Ship Repair

Surface Exploration Mode
- Mining
- Anomaly Hunting
- Combat
- Destructable Buildings
- Terrain Effects
- Metroidvania Style Upgrades and Obstacles

- 3D Planet Surfaces
- 3D Rotating Planets
- Real Maps/Minimaps
- Mining/Resource Gathering
- Ship to Ship Hailing
- Mission Log/Tracking System
- Event and Combat Logs
- Multiple Dialog Systems with Branching Choices
- Large Explorable Systems

Planned Features
- Multiple Alien Races and Languages
- Faction/Reputation System
- Commodity and Resource Trading
- Multiple Galaxies with varied Star Systems
- Diplomacy System that Affects Dialog/Interactions
- Engaging Storyline
- Medals and Achievements
- ..More (If my head doesn't explode first.)

Lots of space places!

4-18-17 Fire Shit.png
Lots of Planets.

4-18-17 Planet Exploration.png
Surface Exploration

4-18-17 Map.png
Map System

4-18-17 Rover Launching.png
Launching rovers.

4-18-17 Dropzones.png

4-18-17 Red Star 2.png

2-20-17 Mining.png
Mining/Ship HUD

Equipment Menu

2-18-17 Story Stuff.png
One of several dialog systems
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Re: AlphaBeta (Space Explorer)

Postby evs » Sat Jan 14, 2017 2:35 am

the on planet stuff looks awseome, and gives the game that extra depth. looks cool. i wanted to do something similar with my mecha game, 2d space sections, then rolling up to planets and going down to the surface. looks quite playable. perhaps check out a program called 'planetgen' if you want to make some (many) unique but more detailed planets.

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