Target All Lights with Same Name

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Target All Lights with Same Name

Postby tridecagon » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:20 pm

I want to be able to control a bunch of lights from one script. I plan on making a custom event that turns the lights on or off based on a switch. The custom event should be able to be executed from two different scripts. The first script should set or unset a switch and then call the subscript. The second time the subscript is called is when the player enters a map. I have most of this working but my biggest--currently only--problem is that I can't select all lights via display name; it wants me to use the scripting ID instead. I decided to try giving them all the same scripting ID, but that didn't do anything.

I want a script that will work in any map I create that turns all the lights with the same display name on or off.

(all of this was a new post, but then it was automagically merged with the first one)
Any ideas and/or thoughts? My current plan is to create one script, whose sole purpose is to turn the desired light/s on and off, for every map. I can then create one more custom event that I can pass a text argument to (current map name) that executes the aforementioned script. This one can be called via timer. The maps themselves I can create a "Player Enters Map" script to execute the appropriate script directly.

I'm probably explaining this poorly but I'll make a better post if and when I finally do this. I'm just going to wait for a response first. Also I'm still fine with giving the lights the same scripting ID.
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