Inn Crashing infinitie loop

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Inn Crashing infinitie loop

Postby Danny » Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:50 pm

Edit: I believe i found the culprit! Not 100% sure but i used my Inn 15 times once i found the cause and no error! Its (I think) the "Memorise Music Event"

With this event in the script my Inn throws a error about a infinitie loop. Without this event i get no problems. For now i removed this event. Is this a 001 bug since the event causes the crash and i have no control over the script inside that event?

I'm getting a infinitie loop when i use the Inn, it happens around 3/5 times you use the Inn.

Now the Inn is not 001's default Inn, the Inn is made by me, i didn't use the default 001 because believe it or not the 001 built in gave me this error! So i decided not to use the 001 inn and make my own inn yet i still get this issue!

Below you will find the script i use, this is the script that plays when the Inn room as been booked. This script as no loops at all that could throw this error, to make things harder the error shows random events as the culprit, its told me a variable was the issue, then the memorize music event was the issue... so i have no idea what event is causing it.


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