Cutlery and a Toaster - Model: 0x01

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Cutlery and a Toaster - Model: 0x01

Postby tridecagon » Fri Oct 28, 2016 4:14 pm

After many years (I'd say two) I have finally got version one of "Cutlery and a Toaster" ready for release. "Cutlery and a Toaster" is a math-and-puzzle based game about shoving countless cutlery into a toaster while trying to keep yourself alive. If you do manage to get electrocuted, you can try to save yourself using a spare life or by completing a challenge. Be careful, though. Spare lives are used to calculate your high score and failing the challenge is an automatic game over.

You can find the PC version here:
You can find the Android version here: TBA
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