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Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:57 pm

Ramchuk Entertainment Games has finally found the time to put together a beta of a project started back in 2011; Spetsnaz. Aimed at a massive multiplayer similar to Counter Strike 2D, REGT decided to enhance gameplay and take it to another level. Although in the previous days I have produced many projects with the counterparts of the Russian Special Forces, this time, it's much simpler. As the name states it, the player will be able to play as a Russian Spec Op Officer of the 1st Division Regiment. With some truth and additional fiction to make the game one of its own, REGT has put together a beautiful top-down shooter that has not yet been seen on Engine001. The first of its kind, Spetsnaz is a stealth-based tactical shooter that takes a slow step-by-step procedure to introduce the player to controls and features in the short beta version. Due to the lack of AI in CPU controlled NPCs, a well defined top-down shooter is not yet possible, unless... it's a tactical experience. Hence, REGT awaits, like many others for online multiplayer to be finally be finished and released. That being said, it is in the future.

I have been planning on having Spetsnaz be a multiplayer-ready game, but it cannot be done in a short amount of time. While online multiplayer awaits, I have been planning on working on a Deathmatch system. This system however, at least at this time, has to disable mouse support, in order for two players to be able to play. Currently in progress, I hope to achieve the completion to be able to provide this game mode for Beta v1.0 (which is planned to be the 3rd beta release). CO-OP mode will be delayed for nothing soon, as Single Player mode is not close to being complete.

An Award and Achievement System is also underway. As for most games, weapons can be unlocked by either a purchase in points or a specific level. Spetsnaz has none of that planned yet, but as soon as Beta v0.2 is released, REGT will continue on major planning for those features.


It's a big question because this is the reason why Spetsnaz exists. No Online or LAN Multiplayer yet. Deathmatch mode will be able to be played between 2 players on a medium sized map that contains both indoor and outdoor environments. The goal of a Deathmatch is to eliminate all other player, in this case, your only oponent. There are no Medic Kits or revival tools, and there is no plan for it either. If desired by a majority of players, REGT will include an auto health-regain system.

In terms of weapons, in plan, Beta v1.0 will offer the AK-47 weapon and 3 Land Mines to both players.

There will be no time limit, the game will end when one player achieves 3 or 5 kills.

(A Deathmatch may include several rounds with each round offering a new weapon to the winner. Example: Round 1, a pistol... round 2, MP5... round 3, M4A1... etc. Or, weapons may be selected before the game starts.)


Currently, there is a short tutorial mission that introduces all players to a basic top-down tactical shooter. Stealth is all that matters.

Campaign Mode will not be released any time soon, but it will indeed be available. Primary focus is on completing the Deathmatch Mode for multiplayer.

Many users will expect a great multiplayer game out of Spetsnaz, therefore all dedication will be inputed into that particular side.


Another game mode in plan is zombie defense, both in Single Player and Multiplayer CO-OP Modes. Therefore, if Single Player Zombie Mode is completed, I will begin working on the CO-OP Zombie Mode. This mode will include some neat subscription features like push and pull to move in-game objects around.

Right now Zombie Mode is only in plan, but has not been worked on yet.

***BETA v0.2***

The next Beta release will include some in-game help such as; Hints & Tips, Controls, and About. For the most part, more testing will be complete to improve overall performance and prevent glitches.

All in-game music that has been credited to Electronic Arts will be removed and replaced with my own custom music, as currently the only custom music that the game contains is in the main menu.

Some bugs may be found when walking through different zones, this will also be fixed in v0.2.


-[W, A, S, D] To Move.
-[Mouse] To Aim.
-[L-Mouse Button] To Shoot.
-[R-Mouse Button][R] To Reload.
-[Mouse Wheel][Z & X] To Switch Weapons.
-[Arrow Keys] To Navigate In-Menu.
-[Enter] To Select In-Menu.
-[Esc] To Pause In-Game.
-[M] To View Map.
-[O] To View Objectives.


I have been planning on including a map Viewer in the HUD which can only be accessed through some sort of a gadget; it would allow you to pan the camera around the map to give you a more accurate idea of where the enemy is. Again, this feature is not promising.

As mentioned previously, Beta v1.0 will be Local Multiplayer ready, so you'll be able to grab your friend or sibling and play an intense Deathmatch on the same PC via Split Screen.

For right now I am open to any questions, comments, or concerns that you may be having about the overall progress of the game or just the current beta release. Please let your voice be heard as it is extremely important to the project development that all your ideas and concers come forward, it will benefit the game in the long run.

Also, if you're interested in top-down shooter map design, you can take part in the project by submiting your design by December 23rd of this year. Design can be either for Deathmatch Mode or Zombie CO-OP. Please submit Deathmatch maps before Zombie maps, since Zombie Mode has not yet taken progress. Design maps based on the Tutorial Mission map, but feel free to include indoor and outdoor environments. Try to stay within the 50x50px boundaries, as larger maps will reduce overall performance.

Thank you and feel free to discuss! ;)

Link to Game: http://www.engine001.com/games/Spetsnaz_1909.htm


Spetsnaz Screenshot 1.png
Spetsnaz Screenshot 3.png
Spetsnaz Screenshot 2.png
Main Menu
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Re: Spetsnaz

Postby Rico » Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:01 pm

I love top-down games and you have down the graphics beautifully, I'm looking forward to testing it :)
PS: I'm willing to help if you want I love Top-down shooters :D

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Re: Spetsnaz

Postby Fireleaf » Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:53 pm

Looking snazzy!
Hey, I compose custom music for games (for free). PM me about it.

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Re: Spetsnaz

Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:38 pm

***Beta v0.2 Is OUT!!!***


-Fixed zone bug.
-Enhanced menu organization.
-Added confirmation before quiting the game from the menu.
-Fixed Pause Menu.
-Reduced processing radius.
-Slightly improved overall performance.
-Added Help features in the menu (Controls).
-Replaced EA Music with custom tracks.
-Updated Credits.
-Fixed enemy dealt weapon damage glitch.
-Added loading notification.
-Fullscreen support added.
-Removed footstep sounds temporarily.


-Beta v0.1 August 27, 2012 ~60.93Mb
-Beta v0.2 August 29, 2012 ~86.96Mb
-Beta v1.0 September 1, 2012 ~87.62Mb


In just about 2 days, I managed to update the project with the most noticable changes. For those who have not downloaded Beta v0.1, you will find Beta v0.2 with a little surprise while playing the Tutorial Mission; that is, if you get lucky to find it. ;)

While rushing to get Beta v0.2 released I've also had the chance to work on other parts of the game as well. Please note that the file size will continue growing as this project has a very large number of resources and scripts that work together to make it all happen.

For the sake of FPS, most games run better in Fullscreen Mode, therefore I have enabled Fullscreen functionality for users who have difficulty with the FPS or for anyone wanting a larger screen. The resolution may or may not be changed in the future, since it will only decrease performance.

***Beta v1.0 Multiplayer Deathmatch Mode***

Spetsnaz Beta v1.0 Deathmatch Mode.png


Progress has taken place faster than expected, therefore you can now enjoy an intense Deathmatch Mode with a friend or sibling in Spetsnaz Beta v1.0. Current version offers a fully-functional Multiplayer system for 2 party members/rivals and 4 different weapons to collect/use. Beta v1.0 Deathmatch Weapon's Guide is below:

Deathmatch Weapon's Guide Beta v1.0.png


Apart from any standard FPS shooter multiplayer functionality, most games function just about the same, offering the same system of hit-and-run or hide-and-kill. Similarly, you can apply the same tactics and knowledge to use in Spetsnaz. (Deathmatch Mode will not limit armory or character customization, which will be available in the future releases.) The dark environment provides many different possibilities and even when your rival's screen is right next to you, possible hide-outs are available on the map in dark areas. These hide-outs can be used wisely against an unexperienced oponent in the current release. In terms of armory, you have a very limited yet satisfactionary amount of weapons to use at this time. Available weapons are; AK-47, M4A1, IMI-Galil, and a Glock 19 pistol.

Weapon statistics and performance has been tested to be as commonly realistic as possible. RoF of weapons has been setup to the nearest 50 rounds of fire per minute. Weapon range has been used on a scale of average performance from meters to pixels translation. The Glock 19 pistol, and other pistols in the future, have a 50 meter extended range to account for drop rate in real life. Formula used is (EffectiveRangex3.2=PixelRange+50). Some adjustements have been made to give a more suitable performance in the game.

Weapon strength has been determined by the ammunition type; heavier rounds (over 50 & 100g) deal more damage. Muzzle Velocity has been used on the scale of 650-700 meters per second to 1 pixel per milisecond. The Glock 19, like other pistols, based on the scale fire at a velocity of 0.5 px/ms, an adjustement has been made from the average of the M4A1 velocity scale to give the Glock 19 a more reasonable velocity in pixels.

Accuracy Calculations are based on the formula of ammunition weight to standard weaponry statistics calculated by their weapon designers.


Spetsnaz Deathmatch Mode offers a 5 round maximum game of who gets 3 wins first. As a penalty, the losing team (at the time of death) will lose their current equiped weapon every time they are eliminated. The victorious player will not lose anything. You will not lose ammunition to items each round either, unless you have some loaded in a clip and when you are eliminated.

After each game your inventory will be reset, as well as the map's default state.

Weapon respawn times vary from the effectiveness of the weapon.


A quick update once again! Beta v1.0 is here and v2.0 is underway; if minor issues are found within v1.0, v1.5 will shortly follow with an update. Don't hesitate to rate the project, your rating and feedback gives me an idea of what you really think and where I should perhaps move along. Current project state is as big as it will remain for quite a while. My main objective was to give everyone a good glance of the game before a big update in the future. Campaign Mode may or may not be released by parts, since it's a very important part of the game itself, so before Campaign Mode is completely finished, there will be updates along the way with the latest Multiplayer features and other things.

NOTE: Please play in Fullscreen Mode for better performance and a larger screen for Multiplayer.

Feel free to ask questions.
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