Hide (Game) Minecraft meets WW2?

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Hide (Game) Minecraft meets WW2?

Postby DarkWebsProds » Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:23 pm

So after thinking of many games and ideas of something i decided to mix 2 things together: Minecraft and World War 2 :shock:.
Minecraft is basically a game :roll: (be sure to check it out, its fun!) where you run around fetching resources in different ways like Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, etc to build a house with those materials. You need to build a decent house before the night because when night approaches Zombies and Monsters spawn and try to kill you :evil: . The nights get harder, etc. Its really Fun. :|
World War 2- well I've watched many WW2 movies and know the history and also have played many games for it so i decided to mix the 2 together.

Quick main idea of story: An American Pilot was sent off to a mission to swipe through the enemy lines to gain knowledge of the German Troops positions. This was at the time of the Battle Of Normandy D-Day. The plane was shot down from the Germans and was sent flying down. Fortunately the Pilot had a parachute to fly down with available supplies, etc. Although he found the back of the Plane on fire and that meant- His parachute and supplies were history. This may seem traumatizing but luck seemed to grab the man who was shedding tears as he swore loudly. The plane landed right into a lake- the man was out and swimming. He was at shore. He was staring at the beach where many British Troops, American Troops, Canadian Troops and Russian Troops and many other Countries were about to fight until the end. The beach where D-Day would take place. He saw the positions but he knew he couldn't report anything to the Allied troops. The Axis Troops were basically beside him for he was behind enemy lines. He had no supplies, resources or even a god damn gun. He had to survive from what nature had to provide. He needed weapons, food, water...
BLAH BLAH thats all i got so far.
I hope its kind of original because its not like anyone has done this before in a way of Minecraft based meets World war 2...


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Re: Hide (Game) Minecraft meets WW2?

Postby Fireleaf » Fri Feb 25, 2011 1:58 am

Sounds like a cool combination. It'll be neat to see how you pull it off.
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Re: Hide (Game) Minecraft meets WW2?

Postby patatoface » Fri Feb 25, 2011 4:28 am

it could definatly work, though it may be a little tricky, i'd definatly like to see this one completed ;)

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