SCP Containment Breach Horrors

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SCP Containment Breach Horrors

Postby atypikk » Sun Jul 29, 2018 3:18 pm



Hello ! :)

SCP Containment Breach Horrors is a roguelike survival horror lovecraftian experimental video game with a pinch of gamebook which is launched on Kickstarter ! I develop this game alone. I develop this game entirely with interfaces.

Welcome to your own nightmare!

Choose to be a guard, scientist or prisoner, and escape from the SCP Foundation site: a complex where innumerable paranormal horrors are tested by perpetrators serving as guinea pigs and hidden from the ordinary mortals.

Suddenly a breach of containment occurs and all the paranormal entities are deconfined ... YOU MUST LEAVE

A horrific game where each game time is randomly generated! Survival horror, roguelike, a little pinch of gamebook and Horrors going beyond your imagination ....

..... Escape or die trying ....

- A mixing game of the SCP universe and a lovecraftian atmosphere!

- Fully procedurally generated content!

- A nightmarish and stifling sound atmosphere!

- Create your own weapon in Orbs Halls!

- A graphical "book of which you are the hero" !

- Choose to flee or fight!

- The primary horror at its peak!

- Every death is definitive!

- An original game beyond the imagination!

- Will you reach the end?


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