Steps to submitting a proper bug report

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Make sure you are using the newest version. This can be downloaded at the top of the site via the "downloads" link.

Use a very good subject. "Problem" or "Help" are unacceptable titles.

Use the search feature before posting a question, as the answer is probably already here.

Subscript out of range error 9: This is a generic error, and we'll need way more information than that to figure out the problem. If you get this, strongly consider following the instructions of submitting your project through the Submit Bug feature within the editor.
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Steps to submitting a proper bug report

Postby Deedasmi » Sat Mar 15, 2008 1:18 pm

1. Do a quick search of the Bug and Error Reporting forum to see if your problem is already reported.
2. Think of a good, clear, and relevant title. For example, "Runtime error '55' file already open ".
3. Explain what you were doing leading up to the problem. Please use any details that may be relevant.
4. Explain the issue itself. Please be as detailed as possible. Include where you were when the problem happened, what the error was, and note if it was a crash of not.
5. If it was a crash, please submit a bug report using the built in bug-reporting tool.
6. If possible, include a picture of the problem. Instructions below.
7. If possible, include relevant scripts by using the "Share Script" feature.
8. Attempt to reproduce the problem. If you can continuously reproduce it, list the exact steps the 001 team can follow to cause the issue to happen.
9. Check back a few times. Additional information may be requested from you.

Please do not attempt to solve your issue by deleting things. It may get you back to work a little faster, but it doesn't fix the problem for everyone else.

To submit a picture:
Hit Alt + Print screen while the error is shown
Paste the picture into paint by opening paint and hitting Ctrl + V
Save the picture as a .png somewhere you can easily find it
Then at the bottom of your post, select the Upload attachment tab, click Browse, and find the picture
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