Stray Refuge-New and Updated Thread!

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Stray Refuge-New and Updated Thread!

Postby KittyLover22 » Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:19 pm

This is a project I've been working on a bit once more for the past few days, and I think it's about time to once again start another Stray Refuge thread.

You can download the game via the 001 Game Maker site in the game section.
Current Version: 4.6
Game Version Updated: January 31, 2017
From Version 4.5: Airplane Travel Update!
Travel to Russia!
.1 scenario, more coming soon!
.A man from Russia can donate to your refuge!
Travel to Japan!
.Visit the local cat cafe in Japan and spend some time with cats!
.Scenarios coming soon for this location!
.Foxy and Mangle are now able to break. You can try to repair them yourself, but a repair at the Robot Pit Stop is much more effective. Also, once they break, you are unable to interact with them until they are repaired.
.Update Check is now available in all the zones!
.You can now access the Stray Refuge's new parking lot!
.Even better, there's some more realism because you can now use a car to travel to scenarios!
.New cat to find...but not by finding them somewhere...Rather, they come to you.

From Version 4.6: The Animal Hospital Update!
.A new Animal Hospital has opened near the Stray Refuge! Here your animals can receive check-ups and have injuries healed.
.Also, when an animal is injured, you cannot interact with them.
.Transitions of months and the days of the week have been added!
.The sizes of the kittens, cats, and foxes have been adjusted. But not all of them. And the little girl's height was adjusted a bit as well.
.Rainstorm can now be found in the parking lot for the Stray Refuge. But sometimes she'll hide from you when you go there.

Stray Refuge is a simulation game where you rescue and care for stray cats(and foxes).

Icon for the Game(made by me)-
Nepia Head Pixel.png
The cat in this icon is Nepia, your starting cat.
Nepia Head Pixel.png (363 Bytes) Viewed 6805 times

.Two Areas of Stray Refuge
.People can donate to your refuge(currently 4)
.An office to keep track of the cats and foxes and rest in
.Feeding, Give Water, Play, Groom, Pet, and Bathe System(you cannot bathe, pet, or play with the foxes yet).
.Rescue System
.Breeding System(on certain cats)
.View Update Notes via the mirror in the office, and turn music on/off.
.You can rescue around 12 cats, 3 red foxes.
.You can rescue 2 animatronic foxes(Foxy and Mangle).
.View the origins of all the cats and foxes you rescue in the game(Updated I think).
.A store where you can buy supplies for your Stray Refuge.
.You can buy and own a private jet, and travel to Russia and Japan(more places coming soon).
.Spend time with cats at the Cat Cafe in Japan(Beta)!
.You can create up to 2 cats in the lab!
.Visit the Animal Hospital!
.A day of the week and month cycle

Cats & Foxes you can Rescue
The spoiler below contains a list of all the cats and foxes in the game you can rescue and how.
If you're having trouble finding a cat, refer to this list!
Spoiler: show
.Nepia(Starting Cat)
.Tiger(Rescue in Streets)
.Longfur(Rescue in Fields)
.Longkit(Breed Longfur and Tiger once)
.Tigerkit(Breed Longfur and Tiger a second time)
.Starlett(Rescue from Shelter)
.Houndini(Rescue from Shelter)
.Stardini(Breed Starlett and Houndini and keep one kitten from their litter)
.Angel(15% Chance of rescuing her after leaving the shelter. You will not find her at all if you don't breed Starlett and Houndini first, as well as keep Stardini in your refuge.)
.Miles(Rescue in Forest)
.Lily(Rescue in Junkyard)
.Foxy and Mangle(Attempt to rescue an Animatronic Fox and succeed)
.Rainstorm(Rescue in Refuge's Parking Lot)
.Miles Jr.(Breed Miles and Lily)
.Siam and Mese(Rescue in Abandoned House)

Planned Stuff
.More features for Lab
.Toys for foxes to play with(Play feature for foxes)
.Add more rescue areas and cats :)
.Travel around the world in private jet
.More private jet scenarios!
.Help out cats in space!
.More places to travel to!

Known Bugs :(
.Track and Field Game has a few bugs. Plan to squash them soon.

Stray Refuge Cat Menu.png

Stray Refuge Robotic Pit Stop.png
Robotic Pit Stop. Here you can repair or recharge Foxy and Mangle.

Stray Refuge 1_28_2017 7_48_59 PM.png

Stray Refuge 1_28_2017 7_53_42 PM.png
The Stray Refuge's Parking Lot.
Currently working on several projects:
.Scourge-After Darkest Hour(Updates on hold as I focus on updating Stray Refuge)
Stray Refuge
.Earth 2100 survival project in very early development stages-Thread hopefully will be created soon

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