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Wonderland Online

Postby Ixayou » Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:33 pm

Just wondering if anyone else have played this game? Started playing this with Clay, Inxth and Nils a couple days ago, and its pretty addictive!

Basically, its a turn based MMORPG. The reason I like it so much, its because i LOVE those turn based rpg's with oldschool art. When you create a character you get to choose between some different charaters on a list. Its not very customizable except you get to choose whatever color you'd like with a RBG palette. You can customize your character further later into the game though.
The gameplay has a nice old school charm. You can fight in turn based battles either alone, or you can add other players to join you in your party. In parties there is one leader, and the other players automatically follow him just like in the rpg's. You can also pet pretty much any monster you come across if you are close to their level, and get their hp low enough (just like in pokemon! :) )
You can also create your own home, and make it full of decorations, furniture or just make it a shop where you sell your goods. You have to craft your own stuff though, and it can be pretty time consuming gathering materials (or money for materials).

What i didnt like about this game is mostly the bad english. For a quick example, instead of On/Off it is On/Close. I've seen a few spelling mistakes and such, and it pretty much looks like it was translated with google :P So far its uncertain for me where this game was made (i havent checked), because the setup and the graphics of the game looks SO Japan, but some items are named in spanish.

If you ever happen to play this, we're all in the server named Leo 3. :)
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