Poetry: Reflective Imagery and Satire

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Poetry: Reflective Imagery and Satire

Postby serrafina » Wed Jun 13, 2012 9:34 pm

Before I list some of the poetries I've done, I want to explain a few things about my poetry.

It's not the best in the world. I fear that I don't focus on sound techniques that might improve the poem's potential. Sometimes, I might, but not always. My poetry's inspiration revolves around Dr. Seuss. I think he's a magnificant writer, poet, etc. He decribes things that nobody usually tends to focus. I tried to mimick his style and compose my own poetry upon things I see every day. They're typical and sometimes common. The title also plays a hint to each theme. I don't focus on love because love can be too artificial to me. I haven't experienced true love in a sexual or a compassionate way, so I don't intend to write about something I'm not familiar or know about it. Anyways, please enjoy. :]


Take A Seat

"Limited but assembled, you
Pull out a chair. Perhaps, a shuve
Forward, over here and there.
Wait! You're uncomfortable? Lift
Up, or tilt it sideways, until you
Stare! Three chair studs hung,
One fell down! Near, or far, you
squaint around. Oh? No where?
Then, switch your chair! Across
Or beside, take your prize! For many
seats stand by!"


"Extended arms- they are.
Sheltering flocks upon nests,
Providing nutrients for insects,
Guiding leaves toward sunlights,
Supporting people with firewood,
Blocking sunlight above workers,
Protecting landscape against wind,
Defending homes after storms,
Preventing rain onto sidewalks,
Gathering love underneath twigs,
But carelessly, we forget those branches."

Station Lights

"Nostalgic? Never. Why
Memorize the need to be
Dependable? Those hovering lights
Dim before the faded digits-
Partially bracket numbers.
Limiting the load of energizing the
Steel horse! Only taking wages,
Cash, cards. To rely on plastic
And paper, is it an actual worth?
What's essential? Change
Station Lights before sunset."

Bang! Whistle! Pop!

"Surprise by the crackling
Noise, yet enlighten from the
Sight. Stiffen besides the smoke
Smell. Endured I! Panicking, against the heated
Touch. Left over a desiring
Taste. To watch for the fireworks."

Mariette, the Shelf-Flower Woman

"Forgotten, but always seen.
Cluttered by dusts until sweep,
Sits I-behind a fine glass window,
Overlooking a grand room.
Waiting for someone to buy my flowers.
Their vibrant colors depend on
A light cast away from a distance.
Between sudden light to night,
Sits I-by a fine sculpture house,
Gazing for prospective viewers
to gaze upon my lovely flowers.
I wonder what keeps them away?
No fragmented scent bothers them.
No burden to water them.
Confused about the avoidance,
Sits I-a lonely shelf-flower woman."

That Mirror

"Look-as if it demanded my attention.
The orange rays bounce, but it still poses.
Dust spraying over the light and mirror.
Yes, that mirror. That mirror where family
Members stare into during celebrations.

It captivates everything. Our movements,
the light, the dust, and face. But-
Temporarly it holds.

That mirror can't force us to linger
In it's elegant shine. No, that mirror
won't ever hold time. Only reflections.
Yes, that mirror."

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