Alexei (Survival Horror)

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Alexei (Survival Horror)

Postby MrPoonTangs » Thu Mar 29, 2012 6:31 pm

I am just starting to build my second 001 game (First was "Night's Prey" look it up). I want to build an intense and unique horror game. I have a story already planned, and a one of a kind health system. The most I can say about the story as of now is that the main character is a woman in Russia who wakes up in a old gulag with nothing but her wallet and a few clues of her past and the name Alexei written on the ground in blood, and has to find out where she is is and how to escape. The health system will be combined between three different components. Endurance, Heart rate, and Body Temp. They will all affect each other and certain abilities. For example endurance directly affect how fast you can run, Heart Rate will affect how well you can stay hidden and how much endurance you have, and body temp will affect how fast endurance lowers (Maybe Weapon Usage). one of the questions I want to check up on with the community is whether or not weapons should be allowed in this game. Not being able to kill the ones stalking you makes the threats more threatening. Also another idea that would almost need no weapons to work is, I was thinking about having just one enemy in the game that is searching for you the whole time, so his image will become more mentally taxing every time you encounter him. I will enjoy all feed back thank you.

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Re: Alexei (Survival Horror)

Postby Crossfire » Fri Mar 30, 2012 11:45 am

Sounds really cool, i like the fact that you cant see the enemy following you
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Re: Alexei (Survival Horror)

Postby coffeennicotine » Fri Mar 30, 2012 2:07 pm

In my experience going for intensity in the way you're considering going about it lends itself to abuse. Large production houses have had it blow up in their faces. (See:Capcom)

That having been said, I think it is possible to have this work for you. But, keep in mind that your attention to everything else is going to need to be doubled. I'm interested to see what happens if you decide to go for it....

Good luck! :D

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