The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

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The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby metomunc » Fri Nov 12, 2010 2:01 am

Last night I had a dream that consisted of the following. It was vivid, but so realistic I decided to write what I can remember down. I went to bed about 1:00 a.m. and didn't wake up until 3:00 p.m. the next day and I missed two classes because of it. This is shortened sooo much from the original:

A small group of people including myself went out on a boat near a coastal city. The city looked like this:

View toward the city:
The City.png

View from the city:
The Sea.png

It was always sunset or night. The sun never seemed to rise any higher than the water line. So everything had either a green, blue, or red light cast on it. The water was deep and murky. Not something you’d want to take a dip in. It’s not that it was muddy, but it looked very cold like arctic water without the ice. In fact there may have been ice far enough down, just not any near the surface.

I was onboard a small ship (not sure if it was a cruiser or a fishing boat, only that it was small) that had just set out from the city the day before. We were returning to the coast when just before reaching the shoreline, a tentacle came from the water with viper-like speed and grabbed one of our shipmates pulling him into the depths. There were three of us left on the deck and we quickly ran inside to inform the captain of the encounter. I don’t remember what the captain looked like, but I do remember that he was the oldest on board. All others including myself were early to mid twenties. The captain decided we should fight whatever it was, but one of the other passengers began arguing with about the risks and how we should just continue toward the city. There were no other boats within a mile of ours and the shoreline was less than two miles away. Eventually the captain and the other passenger came to a consensus and decided to slowly make way for shore while watching the water for the lost shipmate and the creature that had grabbed him; definitely a BAD IDEA.

I went below deck for a bit to look for some kind of weapon. Whatever it was would likely try to snag more than just one meal ticket and I wasn’t about to oblige without a fight. I found a broom handle without the broom on it and made my way to the deck where the captain and most of the passengers were standing with other makeshift weapons along the deck peering into the water. We were slowly passing by a small island that was a bit bigger than the ship and was made entirely of stone with carvings resembling Incan art on the front of it.
The StrangeIsland.png

Through the clear, but dark water we could see that the island was bigger further below the surface and seemed to have vast tunnels running through it like a giant piece of coral. It was then that I noticed a creature poised on the other side of the stone below the surface. The thing was similar to a squid, but had eyes that were like a cats and you could tell that they were always looking right at you. The thing moved incredibly fast (too fast for its size) and disappeared into a tunnel before I could open my mouth to point out where it was.

It looked something like this:
The Monster.png

The picture can in no way describe the gripping fear that this thing created when you looked at it. It was the size of a tank and faster than a jet, yet it could hold perfectly still and make you think its tentacles were mere drifting bits of seaweed, then in the next instant it could be gone. The tentacles ranged in thickness and length. The longest ones must have been 100 yards at least and were no bigger around than a baseball bat. The eye seemed to have a bit of a glow to it. You could always tell it was looking at you no matter how far beneath the surface it sank. Creepy!

Heart racing I shouted to the captain, “it was just there!” and pointed toward the gigantic coral hole that the thing had disappeared into. The captain and two other crew members were armed with electric harpoon guns. Each only had three shots and each harpoon was attached to a sturdy wire that could allow you to send electric volts into the target via a second trigger. All three of them pointed their weapons toward where I had pointed. One of the passengers had a hand gun with him. Most of the others were armed with things similar to what I had. The monstrosity silently reared it’s ugly head once again from a different hole this time. One of the crew members fired his harpoon but the thing moved too quickly and disappeared. Rather than release the line and let the shot go, the crew member tried to real in his projectile so as not to waste the shot. As soon as he gave a slight tug the line was suddenly yanked at lightning speed, pulling him to the rail of the ship and removing the gun from his hands. It sank into the waves with a plop and disappeared into the murky hole where the creature had disappeared.
The Monster Size.png

The ship which had been drifting toward shore suddenly stopped. It was as if it became a solid piece of ground. Waves crashed against the sides, but it did not bob and dip as it normally should have. The strange rock island was only a few yards away. At this point I looked into the water and saw a second creature emerge from the depths and join its companion perching on the coves of the island. Both were somewhat hidden by the walls of the coral tunnels, but their tentacles were evident. The captain cursed under his breath as he saw it too. Others onboard began making similar remarks as they noticed two others of the same kind in the water on either side of the ship, but quite a bit deeper than the other two. We were surrounded.

At this point my knuckles were white from gripping that broom handle. Suddenly all the creatures sank below the surface as quickly as they had appeared. The ship remained where it was. There was a very tense moment in which everyone braced themselves for an attack, but it never came. Instead we heard a voice come from the island (above the water). A man was standing there. No one had heard or seen him approach, he was just there. He had on strange clothes that looked like they were made of black and brown leather that was always wet. “Hello people,” he said.
The Stranger.png

His voice carried too well over the water and he seemed to be both angry and happy at the same time. “My name is Thisk. I am the voice of the rulers of land and sea. Give us the gift of your ship and we will give you the gift of servitude rather than death.” The captain didn’t know what to say. Everyone let the fact that the creatures were temporarily gone sink in. The crew member who still had his weapon pointed it at the newcomer- who seemed totally unalarmed. The strange man laughed and stepped forward then looked at the captain and frowned, “Did you not hear me?” The captain still seemed to be stunned by the stranger’s sudden appearance. Thisk leaped from the island onto the ship. Everyone backed away from him except for the captain and the crewmember with the harpoon gun. I gripped my broom handle even harder and came in closer to back up the crew member. Finally the captain replied, “We are headed to shore and this ship will remain ours until all the passengers are safely ashore. If you are a servant of those monsters under water I suggest you find another job.” Thisk grinned in a discomforting way and without a word, dove off the side of the ship into the cold depths.

The crew member who had lost his harpoon gun ran to the steering room and increased the thrust of the ship to maximum power. We didn’t move. I went in the steering room to help out, but we could not make the ship move. Most of the passengers were panicking. Some headed below deck and a few started arguing with the captain. The sun was sinking below the horizon now, casting shadows everywhere and making it impossible to see what was below the water. Finally I decided to head below deck. If there was going to be a fight with those tentacles, I was going to barricade myself in a room and hack them apart if they came through the door.
The Underdeck.png

Two friends of mine had already set up a defense in their cabin. They called to me as I came down the stairs so I joined them. We decided to take shifts. One would sleep (if that was possible) while the other two stood guard. I stood guard by the door.

This dream was like a movie so in many parts I left my perspective and saw things as if from the view of a camera. A transition of scenes of the inside of the ship involving passengers moving heavy furniture and blockading windows soon led to the following:

A scream was heard above deck followed by another. In total there were only three passengers, a crew member, the captain, my two friends, and myself left onboard. Everyone was gathered below deck. More people were snagged by the creatures in the night, but we never saw it happen. Sometimes we heard it. Other times they were simply gone. After a period of silence we decided to return to the deck as the sun began to slip back over the horizon. Upon arriving on deck we found the captain and the two crew members standing with knives drawn in the steering room. None of them looked like they had slept a wink. Suddenly one of the crew members cried out in alarm and pointed at the deck. The first man we had lost the day before was standing on the stern of the ship looking towards us. His expression was odd and his eyes seemed extremely focused on us. He was holding something bundled in his sea-soaked coat. He waved an “all clear” with his hands and beckoned us to come out to him. We cautiously broke cover and moved across the deck to where he was and escorted him back to the helm. “Those creatures are kind and merciful,” he said with a far off look, “It would please me if you would all give them all you have.” The captain spat on the floor.
“Get him some water quick. He’s delirious.”
The rest of the conversation consisted of the man trying to convince the captain to sink the ship to join the creatures below, and the captain cursing and telling the man he was a daft fool. One of the crew members took of the man’s jacket and we saw what he had been clutching. A small one-eyed creature was tucked in his arms. It was about the size of a lawn gnome and looked vaguely like this:
The Little Creature.png

Once it was discovered the little creature brushed itself off and stood by the man’s side starring up at us defiantly. There was something about its eye that resembled the eye of the sea monsters. Its expression matched the expression of the man exactly.

Upon finding that the captain was not convinced to sink the ship, the man suddenly flickered like a candle flame and was gone. The little gnomish terror pulled out a short stick with a metal end on it and pointed it at the captain threateningly. One of the crew members swung his knife at its eye but the thing was too quick. It dodged to the left and then pointed the stick at the crew member. A very slight ripple of air was all that could be seen leaving the metal end as if it were a gun being fired without a bullet. The weapon made no sound as the crewman crumpled in a heap on the floor of the steering room. The captain threw his knife at the thing, but it leaped out the door and rolled along the deck until it reached the edge of the ship and dove overboard. In the process it dropped its weapon on the deck. I rushed over and picked it up.

The stick was basically a gun that was perfectly silent was meant for close combat. It could not hit anything beyond 10 feet. It was very peculiar. To fire it you simply put pressure on a metal portion near the metal tube-end of it. After it was fired you could physically feel the thing recharging itself. It’s as if you could feel the pressure behind the metal. Very strange, but very cool. We saw no sign of any more of the creatures for the next two hours. The great monsters below the surface were not in sight either, but we felt as if they were probably still watching us.

Eventually we devised a plan of escape. The others would lookout for any sign of the monsters (big or small). I would dive into the water and remove the engine from the ship. We would use the doors from the ships cabins and other floating things to make a small raft that could fit all of us and make for shore (which was not far). The others assembled the raft and I dove into the icy deep under the ship. Underwater things were crystal clear unless of course you looked down. Everything below was dark as space without any stars. Everything above was all greens and reds from the sunrise filtering through the water. I made it to the engine and successfully removed it with the alien weapon. Unfortunately the thing did make sound underwater and it was very loud. Within seconds I saw tentacles and an eye propelling toward me from the dark void below. I fired the thing again, this time at the eye and it blinked and hesitated just long enough for me to swim with all strength up and up to the surface again. I looked back for a brief panicked second to see that the thing had apparently given up on lunch and began descending back from whence it came. The crew members immediately lassoed myself and the engine and hauled both out of the water. Using the same ropes, the engine was lashed tightly to the makeshift raft (basically the shape of a giant surfboard) and we all got on and fired up the engine as soon as we hit the water.

We were propelled toward shore like a missile. We arrived at the shoreline city and noticed that most of the people had the same look as the man that had returned from his abduction by the squid monsters. There were very few left in the city, but the ones that were there were far from normal. They all seemed to not want to talk about the creatures in the water or had a high opinion of them.

The Weapons.png

Long story short we discovered this:
- The little gnomish creatures were offspring of the large squid monsters.
- The large squid monsters capture people and take them under the sea eventually eating them.
- The little gnomish things memorize the behaviors of the people (voice and appearance) somehow and create projections of them.
- The little gnomish things go above the surface and trick more people into coming near the water to be eaten by the big squid monsters.
- Fun fact: The little guys can breathe air, the biggies can’t.
- Most of the city and most of the country had been taken over by the little gnomies.
The dream ended with us using the gnome weapons to fight off lots and lots of the little sea gnome guys.

And then I finally woke up. This is (I think) the my personal record for a REM cycle. There were only two places where the dream did not seem like it was in "real time".

Weired? Yes
Cool? Maybe
And now I need to catch up on what I should've been doing for half a day. :roll:
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Re: The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby Dunce » Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:53 am

Very detailed, and liked how you included the pictures.

Strange story indeed, but cool.

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Re: The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby Adam » Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:19 pm

Wow, that's...wierd.
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Re: The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby Indiana 266 » Fri Nov 12, 2010 12:51 pm

Took me half an hour just to read it. :shock:

I don't know what to think about it.

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Re: The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby Fireleaf » Fri Nov 12, 2010 6:35 pm

Wow I didn't know you took drugs. (jk) :lol:
That is very wierd indeed. I can't believe you slept that long. :shock: You must have run 20 miles or something the day before.
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Re: The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby patatoface » Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:37 am

neat. love the fact that you added pictures

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Re: The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby Tabula Rasa » Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:39 pm

.... Trippy.

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Re: The dream that lasted 1/2 a day

Postby metomunc » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:01 am

There were two other occasions where I've had long dreams like this since this one. Can't remember a thing about either one though. :?
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