FLUX -the time is not enough- (screen shots)

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Nils Kiherman
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FLUX -the time is not enough- (screen shots)

Postby Nils Kiherman » Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:22 pm

hello 001 friends :) I'm making a game that ist a little crazy but i think you gonna like it :3.
(thanks to tabula rasa for the help whit the name :D)
story line:
you are Wolfram the son of a famous scientist from Germany, after Maraike your beloved wife died on an accident involving an airplane your life become a nightmare. then one night you remember a project your father was working on before he disappeared whit no trace. a time machine...he told you that it was too dangerous and that you shouldn't use it at any circumstance, but you miss her...after fixing the broken parts you turn the machine on and you write the time and day you want to travel to stop your wife from going onto the airplane.
but after a flash you can see the problem you step on...thats not the time you type on the console...and the machine appears to be broken...now you are trapped on the Nazi Germany trying to survive and tring to keep the things as they are...who knows what could happen to the future if you change the past?...

as i say on the upper lines, you are trapped in the past and every single step you make can change the future where you used to live. (not every single step but kill some characters or talk to another ones xD) also the time machine is broken and you will be "jumping" on the time like the holy crusaders or the time of the witch hunt, also the pirate's age :P (told you it was crazy) so if you change the past too much the time where your wife go on the plane would be the last of your worries xD (you can see some armors on the post in the resource section if its not errased yet)

screen shots:
nazi war.PNG

nazi map.PNG
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Tabula Rasa
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Re: time travels game -versus time- (whit screen shots)

Postby Tabula Rasa » Sun Apr 03, 2011 5:24 pm

It's an interesting concept, needs a better title, but from what I can see, the graphics are going to look great.

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Re: FLUX -the time is not enough- (screen shots)

Postby patatoface » Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:03 am

looks quite good, i'll be interested to see more developments

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