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Postby RPGCreator » Sat Nov 19, 2011 7:38 pm

What is Farmes?
Farmes is a Mideval RPG me and a few of my friends have been working on... it's in VERY early Alpha... but, we are making good progress! We have a unique, self-built class-creation system, some special skills, a unique plot, and a lot more.

My favorite part of what we've done so far has to be our plot, it's so... in-depth. I don't want to go into too much detail and ruin the surprise we've been working so hard on. I have a few pics I'm going to upload now, and hope to upload a lot more!

Notoriety System- sort of like fame, this can change outcomes of conversations, and even give you cheaper or more expensive prices.
Bounties- Due to random events, there are multiple bounties throughout each town, and you never live the same twice.
Random Conversations- Completely random for all minor NPCs, and even some Major NPCs.
Character Creation System- Allowing players to get more in-depth.
Splitscreen compatible- My techno wiz friend is working on that right now.
Mana- A magic system.
Sales- The ability to open your own shop and make a small trickle of money.
Open world- After the short introduction, you can make your own choices, face side quests, horrible monsters and an all-out amazing experience.

Our main goal was to show a game doesn't need a customized resource for a game to be good. So, our goal here at Treliphium Prod. was to show the true power of the core Engine.

Fully voiced!
As of today, Treliphium productions is FULLY voicing their newest game, Farmes!

I know the texture got messed up, it's the image program.

A forest

New Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2.jpg

Pic 3.jpg

Pic 5.jpg

pic 6.jpg

Those are just a few pictures! This will be updated frequently as the game develops, and this will be the first feature product Treliphium Prod. has undertaken.

New pictures and occasionally a gameplay video every week!
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Re: Farmes

Postby Wonderland » Sun Nov 20, 2011 6:43 am

I like! It has the exact same features as my latest game though. XD

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Re: Farmes

Postby RPGCreator » Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:57 am

Wonderland wrote:I like! It has the exact same features as my latest game though. XD

Really? LOL

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