Custom Combat System Help (Complex)

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Custom Combat System Help (Complex)

Postby thebluejester » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:36 am

Hi all!

It's been ages since I've been on the forums, or even used 001. I'm hoping to get over the hurdle that turned me away from the engine / making my game.

I have a tabletop style combat system that I developed based off of a number of existing systems/rule books.
Spoiler: show
Mini Six, Warrior Rouge & Mage, D6 Fantsy, D6 Magic

My issue is comparing actor stats when an attack takes place
So I need to compare things like: Attackers "Might" value to the Defenders "Defense" value. I also need the ability to trigger special conditions after these comparisons. E.g "If X's Might is greater then Y's Defense: -10 HP and slow the target for Z seconds"

Different weapons/magic use different stat comparisons, have different effects, ect. So ideally I want to put my combat script under one of the triggers for the item being used; "Used", "Target / Impact". (If done via Item script: values will be passed to a Custom Event Script for calculations, I.e all Might based weapons will pass the relevant actor's stats to a Custom Event Script: Might and have the result returned).

There could be a completely different, more logical and elegant way of doing what I want; Obviously I haven't thought of it :(.

Previous posts related to this with partial solutions given to me:
Spoiler: show

Each solution given to me solved 1 part of my system/problem but I then couldn't get around another step.

Here is the relevant page from my tabletop system:

Step one: Dice Calculation
Spoiler: show
Step One: Dice Calculation
Characters dice are calculated based off their offensive Attributes.

To get Attribute Dice the Attribute value is divided by 3 plus remainders.
The divided value becomes the number of D6 dice the Character rolls plus the remainder.
E.g. A Might of 16 becomes 16 / 3 + Remainder = 5 + 1.
5 D6 dice + 1 is what the player will have to roll.

The produced Attribute Dice are rolled and saved as the Target Number Roll.
This calculation and roll is done for both the Defender and Attacker.

For the Attacker the produced Attribute Dice and then rolled again and saved as the Attack Roll, with the following Modifiers applied.

Exploding Dice:
When rolling Attack Dice a 6 results in a "Critical Hit" and adds an extra Attack Die to the attack.

When Rolling Attack Dice a 1 results in a "Fumble" and that die is removed from the Attack Dice for the attack.

A character may only gain or lose a number of dice equal to their level via Exploding Dice.

For every 1m (32px) from the Defender the Attacker is the Target Num

Step two: Target Number Check
Spoiler: show
Target Number is based off the type of attack being used: Might, Agility or Spirit
Defender rolls their Attribute Dice against the Attackers Attribute Dice.
(Calculated in Step one)

If the Attacker rolls less than the Defender the attack is "Blocked":

A "block" with Might is called a Block (Blocked by physical might)

A "block" with Agility is called a Dodge (Evaded by Speed)

A "block" with Spirit is called a Soak (Aura soaks up the spells energy)

If the Attacker rolls higher than the Defender the attack is successful and an attack takes place.

Step Three: Attack Phase
Spoiler: show
An Attack is rolled using the Attackers Attribute Skill Dice calculated in Step One. Modifiers are then applied and the Defenders Defence Value is subtracted from the result. The remaining value is subtracted from the Defenders Health as Damage.

The Attack Process:
Attack Dice are rolled in Step One and recorded, then Modifiers are applied as follows:

Weapon Bonus is applied first. Weapon bonuses are calculated the same as Attribute Dice with every 3 Damage Points equalling 1 additional Attack Die with the Remainder being added to the final score.

Magic Bonus is applied second. Magic bonuses are calculated the same as Weapon Bonuses and are used for Spells and Enchanted Items.

A Might Attack is rolled using the Attackers Might with the Defenders Defence value being subtracted from the Attackers total Roll. The remaining value is subtracted from the Defenders Health.
A Agility Attack is rolled using the Attackers Agility with the Defenders Defence value + 25% being subtracted from the Attackers total roll. The remaining value is subtracted from the Defenders Health.

A Spirit Attack is rolled using the Attackers Spirit with the Defenders Defence value - 25% being subtracted from the Attackers total roll. The remaining value is subtracted from the Defenders Health.

Step Four: Effects
Spoiler: show
Effects are an advanced feature of Attacks and are applied last IF the attack was successful. Effects are attached to certain weapons or spells.

The most basic effect is a small amount of Bonus Damage based on an Element.

Elemental Bonuses are negated partially or in whole by the Defenders Opposing Elemental Attribute.

Elemental Attributes do not get dice, they simple remain as a bonus equal to their initial value. E.g. Earth Attribute of 4 remains as +4 no dice rolls are generated.

Elemental Bonuses are Calculated as:
Attacks Elemental Bonus + Attackers matching Elemental Attribute - Defenders Opposing Elemental Attribute.

Beyond simple Bonus Damage effects can including a variety of special and interesting effects:
Slow a Character
Speed up a Character
Damage over time (Like a Burn or Poison)
Push or Pull the Character
Reduce the Stats/Attributes of a Character
Increase the Stats/Attributes of a Character
Life Leech
Create a physical barrier
Create an Area of Effect (A constant effect over a specific area).

There are 7 more pages, but I don't think they are really necessary here. Mostly things like how and why stats are calculated, how character progression works, ect.
The player won't really know the much of the mechanics behind combat, simply their own stats and what improving those stats accomplishes (more or less).

I'd love to return to game making, I've just let this "issue" get me down.

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