Engine Force-Closes when Scripting

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Engine Force-Closes when Scripting

Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Sat Mar 11, 2017 12:32 pm

Fairly recently, after using the Steam version of 001 for 600+ hours, the engine started to force-close on me during scripting. The event may or may not be random, I'm not quite sure, because it happens when I am least expecting it to happen. The first time I noticed this was yesterday, I was working on a fairly long input-trigger script (actually not the longest of scripts I've ever written) and while setting up events, the engine simply shut down and brought me to my desktop without any warning windows or sounds. When I proceeded to restart the engine, I did receive a notification of a crash. This has happened about 3-4 times now, thankfully I frequently exit the script to save, but if I happen to forget, this could be a disaster. Something I have noticed and I am not entirely certain of this, but I am recalling that the crash occurs when I'm copying a value from the :usevalue: box or when I'm copying and pasting an actual event or several of them at once. I also experienced this crash while scripting in different areas of the engine, so it is not area-specific. Before this issue, I did experience a few crashes with 3D model copying (posted on the forums as well), so I am not sure if the two issues are related.

Perhaps slightly irrelevant, but I remember Unity 3D experiencing a similar issue with their scripting application. I remember it to be more random than anything and it was the most dissatisfying experience to lose 20 minutes of your code in an instant. It was, however, very time dependent, long scripts loved to crash more often than shorter scripts, as they took more effort to write - longer time. I feel there may be a similar issue here, but it may also be related to how the copying/pasting mechanism works. Either way, I would love to know that this could/would be resolved in the near future, because I don't always remember to save my scripts after a few events and I would like to avoid a personal disaster. Besides, it becomes annoying to have to remember to exit and save and then come back again.
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Re: Engine Force-Closes when Scripting

Postby Mr.Numbers » Sun Mar 12, 2017 12:16 am

This can definitely be related to other various copy/pasting issues if you're positive it's when copying or pasting something. If you get this crash again can you let us know what the contents of your clipboard were and potential reproduction steps?

The issue is definitely not random, if you can find reproduction steps it would be awesome!!
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