Can i make walls semi-transparent while player is behind?

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Can i make walls semi-transparent while player is behind?

Postby djeby » Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:44 pm

Hi guys,

Sorry for the noob question, i seem to be doing something wrong. I want to add some tiles on the walls (windows, paintings etc). But for some reason, i can only add the bottom part of the window. The window is 2x2 blocks. I think i do not understand how that works. See the screenshot below.

For some reason, it allowed me to add the windows on the front wall, but not on the back. For other objects, it does not work even on the front wall.

What am i doing wrong?

[Update] Ok, i fixed this by adding another row behind the wall. Is that how it works? :)) Sorry for wasting your time guys.

But i have another question:

[Important] Is there any possibility to make the walls semi-transparent when the player is behind them? So that the player can see his character when behind a wall?
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Re: Can i make walls semi-transparent while player is behind

Postby SBG » Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:01 pm

It is not currently possible to make walls semi-transparent. You can get around this by creating your own wall sprites and using those, but unfortunately due to the way sprites are rendered, sprites cannot show up behind other semi-transparent sprites. Tiles can show up behind semi-transparent sprites, but other sprites cannot. Sprites can show up behind fully transparent(invisible) sprites though, so you could make wall sprites completely transparent when the actor passes behind them, and you'd be able to see what you're doing.

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