Failed to create installation

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Failed to create installation

Postby Danny » Fri Sep 30, 2016 3:53 pm

I'm getting an error, "Failed to create installation". I'm trying to build the data.1rc. I've shut 001 down and tried to build my game again but getting the same error. I've added two screenshots, they told me to report the problem, so went ahead and reported it along with a bug report.

I've refrained from "Uninstalling" 001 until requested to do so just incase you need further help with this. However i am itching to build my game to get version 1.4 out onto the website so i do at some point wish to reinstall 001 to do this, unless there's an hotfix? Seems my project can no longer "Build", was not an issue a few days ago when i release 3 versions of my games.

So yeah reported it :D

Edit: restarting my pc fixed the issue.

Edit 2: Getting this yet again, this time restarting my PC didn't solve the issue.

Edit 3: I found out the cause and reproduction steps! When you "Build" your game it builds it successfully however if you try and build your game again but don't delete or move the original build it made then you get the error. You must first delete or move the original game build from the location is saves the build to before you can build again.
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Re: Failed to create installation

Postby Lee » Sat Oct 01, 2016 8:35 am

Confirmed and approved bug report. Should be fixed for the next version :)
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