World Generator and tables

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World Generator and tables

Postby iv_meneses » Mon Dec 07, 2015 6:49 pm

I have two questions, one concerning tables and the other concerning interfaces.
First the cool generator one.
Do tables have a limited size? And does it affect the performance?
And is there any way to easly display a whole table layer in an interface? (this is just to debbug once I start)
My idea is to use two tables, one for the "overworld" and one for the "detail" so as the player starts the game it wil fill the overworld table so it has a random map-like filling contaning random locations for pre-made cities and any important plot locations then as the actor explores the world it will be generated per-map and stored per-tile in the detail table so when he wants to access that very map it will have the same tiles.
I came up with this idea because i find extenuating and way too time consuming to make lets say "64x64" maps just so a single script can build them and store them separately, instead of the idea of making a table of size lets say (64*(64)x64(64)) and store any explored map using almost always the same repainted map in it by breaking them into 64x64 sized chunks (minecraft-like I believe) leaving space for prebuilt cities to be placed which use prebuilt maps.
i believe this way lets you even make an ingame dynamic map using the overworld table and will only make the heavy script generating script run when you explore a only use a lighter painting script when you go back to a explored one.
I already have a decent idea on how to properly generate a single map using parameters so while this generating method runs it can check the overworld map for adjacenting maps and fill based on that.
What are your thoughts on this?
Would really apreciate any suggestion or comment.
Sorry for my english, not native speakir and a little rusty.
Thanks in advance

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