How to create online game with more than +2 players ?

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How to create online game with more than +2 players ?

Postby uriaphe » Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:28 pm

Hello everyone ! :D

I'm trying to find out how networking work in general so I did some research :
The P2P demo game has been designed to be a 2-players game (the client & the host)
    :? => It doesn't create a 3rd actor playable when launching the 3rd instance.

My main issue is : How to create online game with more than 2 players following the logic designed by P2P demo?

I'm looking for the easiest way for an online game logic.

    - In the P2P demo, for example in the input section, it includes a comparaison branch with "if the game is hosting or not". So there's 2 way possible : The host or the client. But if there's more than 2 clients, how do I handle that?

    When you want to move a character in the P2P demo, you have to select the actor.
    - How can we select the second client actor? >.<

    - In the demo, actors are already placed. Can we use the "spawn actor" function and then be able to configure their actions?

- How can I set an ID for each player ? I've added +1 into a variable for each "Connection Received" available into System Triggers (Am I right?)


Do you recommand me the MMORPG DLC?
I want to know first if my solution is possible to handle without this DLC.
Chatting, account, login... is not a must for me.

It may be more easier with the DLC because of the function it offers.
What do you think guys???

Thank you for reading!

Edit : Edited my post cause it doesn't seem clear for me. :lol:

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