Bouncer Slams Clubber To Floor

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Bouncer Slams Clubber To Floor

Postby Danny » Tue Oct 15, 2013 4:22 pm

Just saw this on Youtube, after doing some research into it seems legit. From what i have read from a somewhat reliable source, seems the clubber caused the fight by asking for one...You can see the information here:

Do you guys think what the bouncer did was wrong? Personally i see it this way if that guy did genuinely ask for a fight he simply deserved it, you run your mouth you get whats coming to you. Simple as.

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Re: AW: Bouncer Slams Clubber To Floor

Postby kerub » Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:10 pm

Danny wrote:if that guy did genuinely ask for a fight he simply deserved it, you run your mouth you get whats coming to you.

I strongly disagree. Of course that guy may have asked for a fight, but that is no reason to actually give him a fight at all. Also, he was probably drunk and we all know how drunk people behave from time to time. A professional bouncer should never agree on a fight with a drunk clubber. If the clubber actually assaulted the bouncer he could probably knock him out with one good blow in self defense as most bouncers are trained fighters. But this is clearly over the top. I mean, this guy could be dead or at least severely wounded (did you hear the cracking sound when he was slammed into the pavement? Sounded like bones breaking).

If this idiot was really desperate for a fight the bouncer could have told him to come visit him at the local gym when both are sober and then do it. What we see in this video however is stupid show off macho behavior and should not be tolerated.

By the way, so you don't get me wrong: This might have been a slightly other situation if both were "normal", maybe drunk people and one of them started to provoke the other. I can completely understand that one can lose their temper. This has happened to me in the past, too, and I also got into some fights that way that might not have been necessary. (Never gave someone a bodyslam, though :P) The difference here is simply that the bouncer is supposed to be a professional that is trained to not lose his temper and solve situations like this without or at least with the least possible amount of violence.

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