reign of terror

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reign of terror

Postby sinjin48 » Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:10 pm

this is a new game idea that i came up with. right now i am just working on reasouces, hud, music/sfx, ect

story- You were a bomber escort during WWII, the air raid was planed at 3:00 am. no one thought that the germans would have heard about the raid planed for a tank supply factory and would be waiting in their flak guns, they were. you were in a P59-mustang fighter/bomber escort on the left flank when 2 flak guns opened fire on your plane, you came down and only opened your parachute at the last minute to remain undiscovered. You must find any outher allies and find a safe way to get to a allied out post near the Rine.

transportation- you will be able to steal vehicles from the enemy out posts and some such but mostly you will be on foot.
vehicals- planes, tanks, trucks, cars, jeeps, APCs. (cant continue with out some planes i requested in reasource section so if you want to help please look there)

weaponary- mostly meele weapons (standerd issue knife,most things you pick up along the way, ECT.) some guns though, (standered issue side arm, stolen weapons ECT.) you can steal weaponary from people (civillens, enemys, ristance Ect).

maps- maps will be very detailed for both contry and urban areas.

SFX- i went to town with sounds so now i have 89 .WAV`s and .MP3`s. i also have 30 .MIDI`s and 3 .MP3 music files.(my .MP3 musics are crappy and probably wont be used)

survival- you will have to find food and water to survive:
FISHING- you can fish for food.
FORAGEING- you can forage for berries but watch out, some can be poision.
HUNTING- you can do a bit of hunting for food, if you want to risk the noise and loose some ammo (ammo is scarse).
ROBBING- you can rob peoples houses for food, search the garbage for a scattered fish head or 2.

frendlys- some NPCs will be frendly, but who? :lol:
ristance- there are people who want to stop the nazis and they might help you...or confuse you with enemy soldiers.
red army- this is near the closeing of the war, so the russians are closeing on Berlin, they wont help much, just keep you under gaurd and crap (might have to escpae)
recon- your army might send recon officers, attack units in to germany and theese guys will be like restiance,help you if they are shure that your american.
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Thoughts on guns.

Postby coffeennicotine » Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:50 pm

I like the way your game sounds :D I await more details.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I know better than this and apologize to the MOD's and to you Sinjin48 for the above. I seriously think I just haven't been getting enough sleep.... Have too much going on at once atm. Maybe too much 'coffeeNnicotine' and not enough 'sleepNfreshair'? :lol:

PS: And I really do like the way this game sounds and really do await more ;)
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Re: reign of terror

Postby Deedasmi » Wed Apr 15, 2009 11:20 am

Please don't post questions about your game in other people game threads.

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