Forest of Magic (Movie Script Contest)

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Forest of Magic (Movie Script Contest)

Postby metomunc » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:11 am

Hey all,
My animation crew decided to host a writer's contest for our next LEGO short film (stop motion animation using lego bricks).
We're looking for a short script based upon this video:

The most creative story will become the script for the short film and the writer will be named in the credits when the final animation is released. All entries must be submitted before November 27th.

You can submit an entry via a post here (below), as a PM to me (here), as a comment on the video above, or via message on youtube.

The script does NOT need to be incredibly complex, it just needs to be understandable. For example:

Scene 1:
(Babbling brook near a grove in the forest)
Wizard Enters and hears roaring noise. Runs away.
Scene 2:
Dragon chases wizard inside of a cave.
Scene 3:
Wizard arms himself with a magical wand and turns to face dragon. Dragon blows fireball at wizard.
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Re: Forest of Magic (Movie Script Contest)

Postby serrafina » Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:01 am

Sounds cool! :D I'm definitely participating! :3

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Re: Forest of Magic (Movie Script Contest)

Postby Fireleaf » Tue Oct 16, 2012 12:40 am

Once upon a time a wizard entered a magical forest of magic (made purely out of magic).
In the forest he found an enchanted fountain flowing with enchanted waters that had enchanted by an evil enchanter.
The wizard tried to find the enchanter's lair (an enchanted cave), so he harnessed a magical dragon and used his "find evil enchanters spell" to uncover it.
But alas, the enchanted cave was also mystical (it was really a mystical enchanted cave). So the wizard had to release the dragon and find an old mystic somewhere in the woods to unlock the door. The old mystic was very mystical, but also incredibly old and feeble, so the wizard had to carry him on his back to the magical enchanted cave.

After getting inside the cave you could play around with special effects and have a big dual off to rock-n-roll music between the wizard and the enchanter. Maybe have them tie or get tired at the end.
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