Health Regeneration on Non-Player Actors (solved)

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Health Regeneration on Non-Player Actors (solved)

Postby tridecagon » Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:04 pm

I have a map that spawns monsters. I want all of the monsters* to regenerate health at a set interval* using timers. How do I do this? I know I can target the player's health to regenerate; this is part of the game too. I just have no idea how to target arbitrary actors. I want to have enemies health to regenerate at 2pts/second.

*except for a specific monster

Never mind. Apparently the enemies didn't have a name, so they just didn't display any text in the actor selection box. This led me to believe they didn't exist. They have names now.

How do I get the current map name? I'm wanting to give the player infinite health on a specific map and was going to edit the "Damaged" script to test if the player is on the specific map and reset their health to max if they are.
Never mind. I just edited a timer I was planning on deleting that did something similar.

Using the free version.
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