Map.Loaded Use-Value Issue

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Map.Loaded Use-Value Issue

Postby Mage42 » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:53 pm

I don't know if this is me doing something wrong or a bug, but it's very confusing. I did mention this over on the support section on discord but posting here as i never got a repsonse. I have system message that displays when i press F6. It's scripted to check if a certain map is loaded. However when i press F6 it "Pre-loads" the map i want to check is loaded or not, then returns a 1 (Telling me the map is loaded) Yet the map is NOT loaded, i know for a fact it's not. So i am wondering what the point in having a use value is to check a maps loaded status if the use-value just pre-loads the map anyway? Of course it's going to say it's loaded, it loads it then checks it's load status. I don't really understand how that makes sense. Thanks.

Map("Wormhole Effect").Loaded is the value i am using inside a System log Message event.

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