Multiple reload and wielding firearm poses?

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Multiple reload and wielding firearm poses?

Postby SabenStudios » Sun Oct 30, 2016 12:58 am

So I want to add different sprite poses for all the guns in my game. Implementing all the different reloading poses isn't the hard part for me, its trying to get the wielding ones to work. Having the engine know when to start a "wielding pistol" pose aside from a "wielding rocket launcher" pose is what I'm having trouble with. I have a few complicated ideas that have to do with multi-comparison branches in the actor triggers section but I wanted to see if anyone knew any easier ways to go about doing this. I want to stay away from the input triggers since I'd like this to work for all NPCs too.

If theres somewhere in the engine where you can actually see the scripts involved with connecting the poses like "Walking" and "Shooting" to the actions going on I'd happily just throw a multi-comparison branch and have it check to see what gun I'm wielding to decide which pose to play. I have a feeling its not that simple though.

But if anyones got any ideas I'd really appreciate, thank you!!

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Re: Multiple reload and wielding firearm poses?

Postby thebluejester » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:34 am

Could you put it into a trigger on the weapon itself?
I.e inside the Pistol weapon, select the Used trigger and then set it to play pose X on the actor using the weapon. Should work for Players and NPCs if they have the pose already made in their Sprite.

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