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The Lost Island Of Ikolawi

PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 9:09 am
by omgpaulthompson
Why have I made this?
Last year I finished writing a survival/horror book on a made up island near New Zealand called Ikolawi. After finishing the book I was almost dissapointed that I couldn't properly get my imagination to show through the pages, making this game combines things I love ; a deep storyline (almost movie like) and a great game. It gives me the chance to show what I couldn't in the book and make it alot deeper and more interesting.

What is it about?
Hopefuly by the description of the book "Survival/Horror" you can get an idea, It is set in the modern future, 2012. A flight crashes in the Ocean, and only a handfull of survivors are left. On the island, they find an abandoned village, this is their new home until they can get off the island, but strange things start happening. Some of the survivors have dissapeared and screams are heard up in the mountains. Can you help save the survivors and get yourself off this island?

What will be in the game?
I have made a real effort to make the cut-scenes at the start, and throughout the game as movie like as I possibly can. I am hoping to add voice to the characters giving it an even more movie like feel.
The whole engine001 game like most games now will be changed, revolutionised. It won't be with default characters,items etc. (well mostly) but a fresh fragrance of NPC's that you will love and hate.
It is my goal to have you guys realy connect with the other survivors, each NPC will have their own characteristics which will realy add to the motion and feel of the game. Some you will want to save, others...not so much. The enemy NPC's will be smart...alot smarter than you can possibly imagine. The normal route may be the fastest, but... maybe, just maybe the Enemy has ambushed it.

As I said earlier the Movie feel of this game is important to me, hence if you die, you will return to checkpoints rather than game over, I want this to be as intimate as I can make it, yet I also want you as the player to feel like you are watching something unfold infront of you!

I have been working on the cut-scene for the opening "chapter" for about 2 months now, that is how much time I want to spend on this, to make you guys enjoy this. I am hoping a 'Alpha' demo to be out by August 2011, but of course I will keep you all updated.

I am afraid I have no Screenshots yet....BUT. Below I have posted the Storyline to Chapter 1 , which will be mainly a cut-scene, but I hope this is of significant value to helping you understand the game. Thank you.

Chapter 1 : Flight NZ232

It is Friday the 13th of January 2012 , Glasgow Airport , United Kingdom. Virgin Atlantic flight “NZ232” is about to take off from Gate 7, heading for New Zealand. Passengers are boarding the plane. You join the line of people waiting to board. Onboard the plane everything is normal, the captain warns of some heavy turbulence to be expected shortly after takeoff but nothing to worry about. The takeoff is smooth and despite the lightning outside the plane, you are relaxed. Hours pass, and you watch various movies and TV shows, the stewardess comes round with your meal, and you tuck in to some chicken Kiev’s, with peas and mashed potatoes. The usual sub standard flight meals, but you are not complaining , in just 4 hours time you will be seeing your family in New Zealand.

You drift asleep, when Suddenly the lights cut off, and the engines make a horrific groaning sound, almost like a wounded animal. You wake up, shocked, trying to work out what has happened. The lights come back up, and everyone settles down ; the pilot reassures everyone, that it was just a small electrical fault. You are not convinced, looking out your window, you notice through the lightning flashes and the black sky, an orange glow from a couple of seats back, One of the engines is on fire. With adrenaline pumping, you try to alert the nearest steward, he turns round to you, white faced… he knows something you don’t. Peering over his shoulder, you notice another orange glow from the seats parallel to you… it isn’t just one engine on fire…

The seatbelt sign flashes on, people are screaming, babies are crying, you sit there, in total shock not putting on your seatbelt, A steward asks you to put it on , in a faint voice. You ignore him, you just stare outside the window. He runs down to his seat outside the cockpit… the captains voice is heard over the speakers. He tells everyone that three of the four engines have been damaged due to the thunder storms, there is no need to panic as they are going to make an emergency landing on the island of D'Urville Island. The captain continues to speak until a loud explosion is heard, the pilot’s scream is echoed around the plane. The Plane blacks out again, then silence… Within seconds of the silence, it is shattered with creaking noises, then ultimately the sound of the plane going into a spiral nose dive, people are screaming, above this is the voices of the stewards shouting “Brace! Brace! Brace!” The lights flicker back on for a second, only for the noise of a plane crashing into the Ocean bringing this chapter to a blackout.

Thank you all so much for reading this, It is alot. However I am so passionate about this game I am making and hopefuly this conveys in the final product. I wll release news below whenever an update occurs.

Cheers! :)

- If you like the concept, or dislike it, or have any questions please post. The more feedback in the early stages the better! -

- Paul.

Re: The Lost Island Of Ikolawi

PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:05 pm
by Tabula Rasa
It's an interesting concept; looking forward to how it turns out.

Re: The Lost Island Of Ikolawi

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:33 pm
by omgpaulthompson
Thanks :)
I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I am creating it!

Re: The Lost Island Of Ikolawi

PostPosted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:09 pm
by 2cool4me4
As I say in a lot of the games I post in, I want to play this game. ;)

Re: The Lost Island Of Ikolawi

PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:05 pm
by serrafina
Storyline: Sounds intriging and you definately held back potential secerts for players to be drawn into the plot. The only problem with stories like this is the players compare this plot with the infamous "Lost", "Stranded", etc. Hopefully, you can keep the players on that desire to keep on playing with those twists and turns. Always keep entertainment in mind! Good graphic, sounds, and etc. means nothing if the player is not enjoying himself. ;D
Graphics: I'll add information when you have the screenshots ready.
HuD: I'll add information when you have sceenshots ready.

Overall, looking good! 8)

Re: The Lost Island Of Ikolawi

PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:53 pm
by omgpaulthompson
July updates :
"Chapters" 1 & 2 have been complete.
Working on possible voices to characters
Demo has been prolonged for a month.

Website will also be up in about an hour!