The Soul Master - Seven Souls of God [IS BACK!]

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The Soul Master - Seven Souls of God [IS BACK!]

Postby Grisson » Tue Apr 04, 2017 4:17 pm

.: Introduction :.

According to an ancient religion, one God created the things we know in 7 days. But on the last day he decided to do something to represent the seven days he spent, he split his soul into 7 parts, each one endowed with a feeling or human power. To represent the first day he created the soul of hope, because he hope that everything would work out. In the second created the soul of Light, to represent the heat of the sun. In Third he created the soul of knowledge, representing the knowledge that he used to make the planets and everything else. In the fourth he created the soul Elementary, which represents the balance between all the elements of nature. In the fifth he created the soul of Magic, which would support all the magic in the existing planets. In the sixth he created the soul of Life that would give life to all things. On the seventh day he created the soul of Fear, I was afraid of something going wrong ... God the souls locked in tiny crystals that sparkled with vibrant colors.

But he knew that leaving seven powerful souls loose on a planet all to see and the population grows steadily, it would be something crazy. So God gave to one family a sacred duty to save those souls, creating the Master of Souls. Only the souls of the masters and their descendants could see crystals and souls.

The first Master, was called Raziel, his duty was to collect souls and put them in temples where he could easily reach them if needed. He found six of the seven souls, the seventh, oddly enough, was the planting of lettuces from his home. One of his three children acidentally ate the soul of fear as he ate lettuce hidden from his father.

But this caused him a terrible effect, not externally, but everyone who watched him saw their worst nightmare in flesh. So he ran away from home, seeking for help, but this just made him even angrier and scared. So he decided to destroy everything and ended up becoming a leader of the first Necromancer army of darkness. But Raziel, knowing all that he (after shedding much blood) was able to lock your child in a temple, as should be.

After that, Raziel asked God for a unique, all other souls also bless other people, so no need for the search since they would be everywhere. And this was done. The crystals were empty, leaving little souls were blessing the people in the world.

But there's always someone who likes to see the "animals" free, years later, a certain someone released the one that should not be released. For that he got the army of darkness again.

.: Features :.

  • Really big and Detailed maps (villages, dungeons and so on transformed into a big, single map. Avoid teleporting and loading, keep exploring the place)
  • Interfaces and Icons Revamped (With a new and better style)
  • SP and Equipment based skills and buffs
  • Cutting plants (as in the classic game, YAY!)
  • Multilanguage (English and Portuguese for now, but if you wanna help with translations, send me a PM)
  • Hotkeys (as in the old games, keep in battle and forget about go to inventory to use items every time you need them)
  • Team-Up (some times in the history you will team up with other characters, you will be able to choose one to go with you, or be a lone-wolf)
  • A large variety of quests (Alongside the main ones)
  • A Large variety of Equipments (from daggers to heavenly enchanted swords and simple leather armors to Dragon scaled armors, build your set of weapons and get to the battle)
  • Cronstruct the character attributes (whenever you level up, your stats will increase, and you will earn points that allow you to increase even more your attributes!)

.: Screenshots :.

Here some screenshots for what's coming:

Image 2.png
Kline's House

Image 1.png

Image 3.png
Fields of Wend

Image 4.png
The village of Alde

image 5.png
A part of the Desert of Alde

.: Additional Info :.

Hey guys! Long time no see... As said in the old topic, I'm back with this project but I am recreating the whole thing from scratch, for now, this will be into a high priority development so you will be able to play a demo as soon as possible!

As on the classic game, this one will keep as is when it comes to graphics, I will try to stick to the 001 defaults the more I can when it comes to the sprites and tilesets, and make the needed improvements in order to make the game looking nice and playable. The interfaces, of course, will all be recreated overtime.

I also want to say thank you by making TSM being the best rated game on 001, even after all this time... Everyone who worked on the previous versions of the game is proud of such an achievement even today, this is why I am getting back to work on it with 001, instead of another engine. (as we have planned in the past)

I hope you enjoy the news and leave your comments below about what do you expect to see into the game, the things you liked so far and the ideas you think that would make the game better.

.: Download :.

for now, download is not possible, but you can visit the page to read the history and the comments about the game:

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