Engine 001 Ending2 Music

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Engine 001 Ending2 Music

Postby Danny » Thu Sep 06, 2012 2:51 am

Okay i know this is to do with Engine 001 but its also to do with Music, so i will post here.

Okay i need some help, in the engine 001 theres a song called "Ending 2" now when you play it for the first 10-15 seconds or so the music sounds like the intro of a real song, can someone please tell me if you think the same?

Am being serious it reminds me of a song i once knew i just can't quite put my finger on it, only the first 10-15 seconds or so of Ending 2 in familiar, after that its totally different.

The music may not be 100% spot on but am sure someone will understand what am saying.

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