Jake's Destiny Patch 1.2 Class Balancing, Update

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Jake's Destiny Patch 1.2 Class Balancing, Update

Postby Zwitfire » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:06 pm

Jake's Destiny Game progress:

Game Progress: 62%

- Quests:
- All quests in Act 1: A Tropical Paradise now grant 20% more experience.
- All quests in Act 2: A Neverending Winter now grant 30% more experience.

- Monsters and NPC's:
- All bandits in the Firetooth Encampment now have 30% more health and damage.
- All enemies from level 8 and above now use spells and abilities.

- Items:
-All bows now deal 20% less damage.
-All daggers now deal 8% more damage.
-Healing effect from Lesser Healing Potion is reduced by 25%.


- General
- Experience required to level up is now reduced by 10%.

- Knight:
- Zealotry upgrade now increases damage dealt by Zealotry by 40% / 80%, increased from 10% / 20%.
- Blade Rage now deals 250% weapon damage per hit, increased from 225%.
- Strike overall damage has been increased by 10%, and having its stamina cost reduced by 5, hoping it will compete with Soul Strike more.
- Soul Strike now heals for 30% less.

- Rangers:
- Focus Shot damage is reduced from 190% weapon damage to 125%.
- Mystic Arrow now has a 1,5 sec casting time.
- Fire Arrow has been transformed into Frost Arrow, causing 285% weapon damage, decreased from 350%, but now stuns the enemy for a short time.

- Lichborne:
- Pressure Shot now stuns the target for 1 sec.
- Now decreases the energy cost of all spells and abilities when Berserk is active by 50%, improved from 30% decreased energy cost.
- Hasted arrow now has a 1 sec cast time, decreased from 2,5 sec.
- Eva's Blessing is redesigned. It now grants 30% increased crit chance for 12 sec, instead of the old effect.
- Aim for the Weak healing amount is reduced by 40%.

- Demonologist:
- This class now has 20% increased shadow and fire damage dealt when this class is chosen.
- Suffering now has a 24 sec cd, up from 16 sec.
- Egony now deals 15% increased damage.
- The Fear upgrade from the talent tree now causes Fear to deal moderate frost damage, in addition to its old effect.
- Mind corruption no longer has a chance to transform enemies into a zombie.

- Shadow Blade:
- Void Stab overall damage is now increased by 20%, and its stamina cost is reduced by 4.
- Unleashment now deals 100% base damage, decreased from 120%, but increases damage dealt by 80% per soul active, up from 60% increased damage per soul.
- Harvest upgrade from the talent tree no longer causes invincibility.
- Shadow Veins now grants 50% increased crit chance for 6 sec, decreased from 70%.
- Sprint now also removes any slowing effects, but no longer removes stun. Also this ability no longer requires any stamina.
- Dark Power now instantly grants 30 stamina, decreased from 40.
- Death Strike now deals 210% weapon damage, increased from 145%.

- Bosses:
- Necromancer Lozael:
- Total health is now increased by 20% and its defense is also increased by 10%.
- Thunder now fully stuns his target for 3,5 sec, in addition to its silence effect.
- Life Siphon's healing effect is reduced by 35%.
- Lozael can now counterspell, granting him the power to counter any ability or spell, dealing 300 shadow damage whenever the player uses an ability or spell.
- Lozael can now Freeze, causing the enemy to be frozen in place for 5 sec and dealing 15 frost damage when the effect is over.
- Fatique Burn now only burns 50% of the player's mana, decreased from 100%.
- Enrage is now triggered when Lozael reaches 22520 health. This ability is now instant cast and grants 250% increased damage for 15 sec, improved from 200% increased damage.
- Venom now deals 40% less damage each time this damage-over-time effect ticks.
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Re: Jake's Destiny Patch 1.2 Class Balancing, Update

Postby Luvmeister » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:20 pm

looks professional to be honest.

pretty curious to that game now actually. :)

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Re: Jake's Destiny Patch 1.2 Class Balancing, Update

Postby Indiana 266 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:35 pm

Wrong forum dude.

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Re: Jake's Destiny Patch 1.2 Class Balancing, Update

Postby Mike » Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:47 pm

Please don't create accounts to compliment your own game - even if it's used by a cousin/sibling :P.

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