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From Music for Films and Video Games

Postby SubZero » Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:02 pm

Well I do not consider me to be a great composer for films and video games but I really would like to be one.

So sometimes it happens that I really compose something (believe me my collegues aren't happy when I am playing the piano^^) and today is just one of those days when I finally get something finished.

It's not that great but I would like to ask you to give it a try and listen to it.
I tried to create something dramatic and emotional.

JDB Artist - Rising Sun

If you would like to use one of my tracks for your game please feel free to do so, but may I ask you to credit me (something like: Music by JDB Artist)
In case you would like to support me I would be delighted if you would consider to subscribe to my channel.

If you want me to compose a soundtrack for your game please feel free to contact me via pm. As I am doing this for practice you won't have to pay me anything (well this will obviously change if you plan to sell the final product Wink)!

Stranded - Nowhere
Developed by JDB Artist (SubZero)
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Re: From Music for Films and Video Games

Postby serrafina » Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:53 pm

Some things I thought about while listening to the song.

At: 0:10, that opening had a similar drumming sensation like Morrowind III's opening theme. It was still different. Morrowind's Opening Theme:

At: 0:10-0:34, the wind instruments and the drums have a great opening sync, but I felt that the duo melody played longated in their performance. What I mean was when you build into the dramatic melody, I felt that it was in 'stage two' for build up. The third stage contains the real melody for all the build up. That stage came at 0:34 with the chimes and horn. If you reduce the second build up to 0:24 and start the third section there, let me know what you think of it. Tell me the difference that you hear or your friends recommendation for sure.

0-0:56, Sounds like a beautiful melody to explore around the out skirts of a kingdom. Then, it became a soothing church melody. It makes me imagine Zelda's Orcania of Time's church background. Then, it suddenly plays back into that kingdom melody. I'm not sure if it was at all bothering, but it didn't annoy me either, so I guess it was fine. I just thought it felt werid if you choose this song to be used in a game for exploration that it turned into a church setting temporarily. I don't know. It was just something I thought that I should point out.

Overall: It was definately a smoothing song to listen! Although it's not my most memorable songs that I would remember in my mind, I think it was professional sync! Everything gentle performs with each other without a static noise in the background. Well done! ;]

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Re: From Music for Films and Video Games

Postby SBG » Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:36 pm

I personally thought it was pretty epic :D

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Re: From Music for Films and Video Games

Postby generalnutt » Wed Apr 04, 2012 5:21 pm

I think it's awesome, if I was ever to finish my idea (don't hold your breath), that would be the perfect type of music.

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Re: From Music for Films and Video Games

Postby aldenorai » Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:12 am

What I don't understand is why you're trying to talk us into thinking you're a terrible composer.

Even for an inexperienced one, your piece is well orchestrated and full! Most inexperienced composers make simplistic music that usually only strings, maybe with another instrument, and they tend to leave either high or low registers empty. You have the whole board full, even for something that's primarily strings and brass, AND you have a horn melody on top of it. To fill all registers with harmony while having a melody to lead the whole thing, especially with the percussive line you have, is a sign of an adept composer.

Don't talk yourself down like that; your work is great! It's much further along than other starting composers I've heard.
- George R. Powell
Music Composer | Screenwriter | Voice Actor

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Re: From Music for Films and Video Games

Postby Samulis » Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:57 pm

Great work here. I love what you're doing... probably mainly because you have a horn melody and use my absolute favorite motif (dotted-quarter, dotted-quarter, quarter;), but you also did a pretty good job mastering and orchestrating. Might I suggest- make the chorus a bit louder, if you have a way to broaden it up more, try doing that. Vox is friendly around reverb, so make sure you use that if you aren't already too. Consider having a trombone counter melody after a few of those first horn motifs... add some flair. ;)

One horn is cool... but what happens when you add more in unison, or even one down an octave panned to the other speaker more?

From my experience, an epic song is never truly done. Always keep adding and building more and it will keep getting more and more epic until you either have a masterpiece or a John Adams-style piece (the composer, not president). :lol:

If you are ever interested in collaborating on a piece for fun, I'd be glad to... I write a lot of cinematic-esque stuff too.

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Re: From Music for Films and Video Games

Postby SubZero » Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:03 am

Thank you all for your great comments and suggestions!

Please forgive me but I wasn't able to get online for the last three weeks due to my final exams for my Abitur (English term would be something like SAT Exams, alas I don't know it for sure), so there wasn't time to response to your nice comments as well as there wasn't a moment to compose something new or to edit my existing compositions. However this will change... now, well I will try (you can't force creativity, that's what I learned from the composition above).


Well I have to ask for your pardon as this track really is not suited for direct in-game usage as it features various, different themes. I usually tend to use more than 2 themes in a composition if it's not directly meant to be featured in a certain project. Means this track was created as is, not for a game or any other project. You might call this my application as a composer which features several themes (yes I know thereby it doesn't reflect a lot of creativity but I am always trying to improve! ;)

I will try and reduce the second build up to 0:24!


Thanks a lot!


I would be delighted if you chose to use it! (English isn't my native language so please forgive me!)


Well because if you go on like that you gonna change my mind on that!

I just wanted to mention that I just started composing (now for almost 2-3 months regularly).
Means I am composing on my own, no music school, no private teacher, I do it all my ear and by feeling the harmonics and sometimes I read some books about music theory but usually I end up turning pages, searching for the ultimate solution... But there is none.

I really appreciate your comment and it almost makes me feel like I could really go out there and say "I am a composer!", however I have still to learn a lot and there's always something I didn't know before and there are others who tell me my music is repetitive or just boring, so I try to find my way and improve but I will stick to your suggestion: adept composer (I like that title!)

So, thanks again! I am really delighted and I will try to do my best so one day you might call me a "real composer"! ;)


Thank you very much! To be honest I just bought a book about mastering orchestral music which tells me that I did probably everything wrong concerning the mastering part of Rising Sun. ;)
I will definitely make the chorus a bit louder (composed this track with my headset on but I realized that the whole tracks sound dramatically different on my cinematic sound system), I am still trying to figure
out how to optimize stereo channel usage to blend all voices together in an harmonic way (maintaining the correct volume).

I will also try to add more horns, might create an epic ambiance!
Well my tracks are like your definition of epic songs: They are never done. I end up tweaking, adding and removing parts constantly so yes I will edit this one again, over and over until it pleases you and me!
BTW I really like Adams tracks and I dream of creating similar cues like he did, however this dream has yet to come true!

I would love to collaborate with you on a piece for fun! Just message me on you-tube or write me a pm, so we can figure out the details (I would love to hear about your ideas!)

- Thank you all for your nice comments! I appreciate all of them and I will try my best to improve and add your suggestions to this track as well as to my upcoming tracks!

Hello everyone,

this time I wanted to create a dark,emotional and suspenseful atmosphere. The track is called Shadow Angel and doesn't feature orchestral music at all.
Enjoy! I would be delighted if you would consider to subscribe to my channel.

Stranded - Nowhere
Developed by JDB Artist (SubZero)
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