Just finished Alien:Isolation on my Xbox 360

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Just finished Alien:Isolation on my Xbox 360

Postby JimmySterylian » Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:39 am

The game is just awesome! The Graphics and gameplay simply rock! Great and shocking storyline along with outstanding game features and playability. I don't know if any of you know it or played it, but I must say that the game has the greatest AI of any other game! Light and sound geometry that alter nearby enemies(the Alien for example). And there's more! The AI also adopts the players behaviour making it even more unpredictable(for example if you use a noisemaker to distract the Alien one time, he will go and investigate it, if you throw it again, it will go again, if you throw for a third time, it will know that there is someone throwing noisemakers around and will start looking, if you throw it some more times then it will go to the direction the distraction was thrown from). Now I was wandering, is 001 able to generate AI like that or can you make it yourself with some kind of scripting?

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Re: Just finished Alien:Isolation on my Xbox 360

Postby Danny » Tue Jun 09, 2015 12:07 am

I bought this just a few days ago for the 360! :D I even got inspiration from this game to make a game.

The Ai is awesome but i also feel the alien is a little O.T.T. Seriously i mean i hid in a locker when i heard it coming and then all of a sudden it jumps out the vent and heads over to my locker rips the door off and kills me, like what?? Sometimes i get so annoyed with the thing i actually go out my way to attract it just so i can torch it with the flamethrower or throw a pipe bomb in its face and watch it retreat like a little kid.

I have noticed that the Alien never leaves you alone for long periods of time and when it finally leaves the second you get out of hiding it comes back so fast it could leave flame marks behind it. I stuck the game on "Hard" straighway, currently on Mission 10 i think? I just finished activating a bunch of stuff but noy played it in two days due to the Android.... the alien came towards me so i got my flamethrower out and fired it so the android turns round, grabs me and then once i fought it off the alien ate me :?

The GFX are really impressive but some stuff takes the biscuit, for example the boxes you can hack take so long to get off same as the computers, you go to a computer, activate it, sat while its loading just to hear the alien coming, hitting you B button like crazy to get off the computer only to turn around and...

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