Problem parsing the package(Installing on Android)

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Problem parsing the package(Installing on Android)

Postby arvin00 » Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:57 am

I have a problem installing the game I made on Android, Problem parsing the package is what my phone is telling me when I try to install on Android.
I already did what the internet told me when i search it on google now I believe I am making a mistake in exporting it or there is a bug with my installed software.

Android version 4.4.1

Installed on my PC

-Java SE Development Kit 7 Update 79 (64-bit)


PS : I am not entirely sure if this is the section I need to post this or in the technical question section and also I already posted this on the GG Maker forum but I tried searching the forums here and it seems there are a lot of people making android games here and would like to ask you guys some questions. Please delete/move this thread if it is inappropriate.

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Re: Problem parsing the package(Installing on Android)

Postby Lee » Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:32 am

I've responded to your topic on the GG Maker forum. Please try to keep discussions relating to this problem in that topic. It can be difficult to keep track of these problems when they're scattered all over the place.
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