Greetings from a man with a creative mind!

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Greetings from a man with a creative mind!

Postby Swiff » Sun Jul 01, 2012 12:43 am

Hello, my name is Dan and I have been creating games since I was 10.

It started with.. Click N' Play! Yeah for those who ever saw that - agree or disagree but I thought it was awesome.
I made about 400 levels of avoiding death or killing monsters in 2 different games over half a year of playing around with the program. It has alot of limitations, but after a while you can stretch them pretty muchm atleast as a 10 year old. However, when I tried to make a top-veiw rpg with currencies and shops - I lost intrest since I had no idea how, and everything seemed to not work all of a sudden.

Some years later I got into RPG maker 2000, it was new and fascinating. I made quite a big game there aswell, but it didn't take as long because I didn't have to paint all the objects, they were alredy there. And I still didn't need to know any coding languages to make a decent game with a storyline. However, I was not so much into the turn-based RPG (final fantasy) as I thought I was, and even though it didn't take as long to make big things in RPG maker, it still took a lot of time to polish and think of new things.

few years after that I got into Open Tibia servers. It was basicly thousands of XML files you could edit to change the game, and use a map editor to make your own world, how ever big you wanted. And then play the game with with alredy existing game-mechanics, you just changed names of mosnters and the abilities they used and the formulas of damages of spelsl and items etc. Perhaps you could find a script with a new feature to your server from time to tive that you could edit to your liking, if you knew how.

I left Open tibia for some years, only to return later and see all the new possibilities. Made a couple of maps, class changes, spells and got myself alot of cool scripts, easier XML stuff that you can just change if you know whtat you can put there instead~, a huge map which I am still working on today (even though there may be months in between).

Then 3 years ago I looked around for game creation programs, I found a couple but usally I had to have some kind of coding language or the program was too limited. Then I found Games factory, the "upgrade" of click N' play. It was really cool since it had more possibilites, and I was alredy familiar, somewhat with the concept of making a game in this program. It was pretty much nostalgia over it and i made some easy platform games, and i had learned some about storage values and that opens alot of possibilites, such as boss fights (I remember in click and play I made some boss and I added a player that followed it's path to remove 1 life whenever he was struck, since I didn't know any other way back then, and the player life value was alredy in the program). However, I tried making a building game, such as age of empires, and i tried to make a tower defense game (Oh gotta love those tower defense games), It didn't work very well, and overall it was still pretty limited.

I probably had thousands of ideas how to make a super cool game, maybe 10 of them was actually going to be good, but in reality I couldn't even make one of them. I got myself a "C# for dummies" Ebook that I read and went through, it was preety OK to learn, since the author was making it fun, and used alot of friendly examples to learn with (I guess that's why it's called "for dummies" eh?). But after reading it and excecuted the tasks (some minor c codes to compile to make some texts say different things) I felt helpless. How in the world am I going to make a game from this, I have NO CLUE how to even make a cursor for this. I started looking for help on the net and I found alot, too much really. I had 12 different languages I wanted to learn suddenly, and narrowed it down to 5, and then started with some Flash... I think I managed to put a picture as a background, put out alredy existing barrels, and a character on a skateboard. I spent just half a day and then another half a day with this, and then gave up. It was so boring!

So, as i said in the start, I have been creating games since I was 10, not coding them. I havent coded a single game except for one where I pressed a buttom, and something like this happend:

"1000 people are dead"
and then pressed the buttom again:

"2000 -||-"

(there is a 0.2 second delay between each "*" and the "BOOM!" in the end)

Pretty cool "game", really.

Well, my point is taht I have so many creative feelings taht even though I can't code, I want to make games, not the "dodge that arrow, jump over that hole, press that buttom to open the door", atleast not forever. I alredy made 500 levels of that.

Can 001 Engine do this for me? I read through the "first game" tutorial, it seems a bit, stiff. Actually seems very limited, but I read otherwise on the forum here. There seemed to be 3 layers for the action rpg mode, and only 1 layer could be edited. Also, I have to make my own framerates (of objects, such as characters or enemies using their elgs when moving) in another program? like, some kind of animation program?

I will try this Engine out, for sure. As I have tried alot of other stuff, but now I'm on a new wave of "creativityness"(?), so I'm once again looking for my ultimate game creation program.

If all else fails, good luck to you guys atleast, you seem to be doing good work here:)

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Re: Greetings from a man with a creative mind!

Postby Not Me » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:34 pm

I think there's a pretty good chance that it can. Just looking at my games, I've got a turn-based rpg (Well, just a battle system really, not much role-playing :razz: ), an arcade shooter, a puzzle game, and a mistake (I really oughta fix that...). And I believe that the three layers you're referring to are the floor, lower objects, and upper objects. All of those can be edited, and they can be placed on any Z layer. And you don't need an animation program, you just put individual frames (or a strip of frames, if you prefer), into the sprite editor. I just use gimp for drawing them myself, although I've heard graphics gale works well.

That said, welcome! I hope 001 works for you.
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Re: Greetings from a man with a creative mind!

Postby Mike » Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:34 pm

Swiff wrote:Click N' Play

Agreed, quite good :). One of the few makers out there that I really appreciated.

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