The exciled hero - quest to the homeland

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The exciled hero - quest to the homeland

Postby JAMMYME » Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:39 pm

(Btw this is my first proper game that I've made and uploaded)
The empire of the free - your homeland. A thriving medieval civilization, where people live in harmony with one another, and the people are blessed by the gods. A land where people know only kindness and compassion, an empire ruled fairly by a kind emperor and his loyal lords. A world where there is no hatred, no jealousy and no fear. Only a prophacy. About two children - two princes. And one day, the prophacy has to be fulfilled, for the prophacies written by the gods must be fulfilled by mortals.
You find yourself thousands of miles away from that empire, in the Kingdom. In a kingdom ravaged by monsters, and terror. But perhaps you are the light at the end of the tunnel - hope for a scared people.
For something evil is coming, not only to the Kingdom, not only to the remote islands of fate, but to the empire of the free. Something terrible, something sinister, something cold. A darkness is falling upon the peoples of all three countries, and there can only be one hero. But you are a nobody, living in a remote northen village, miles away from civilization, from the nearest town. Can you banish your enemies, crush your foes and aid your allies in a quest for justice, freedom, peace, and hope? Can you help the helpless, free the captured and save the doomed? Or is it too late?
Has the prince of dusk succeeded in his malicious plot for supreme control, or is there still a hope - are you the chosen hero?
Play the game and you'll get the answers to all of the above questions. ;)
Ps. Please ask any questions, give comments/feedback and any criticism/advice for a newbie!

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Re: The exciled hero - quest to the homeland

Postby Tabula Rasa » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:30 pm

Best to include the whole description on your game's page, as it's far more detailed than what's here. Also, screens. We love screens.

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Re: The exciled hero - quest to the homeland

Postby JAMMYME » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:30 am

Have a look at the page ->
Here's the bit I wrote on the game page:
(Demo - not complete yet) You find yourself in a small, iscolated village, unsure of how you got there. Then you remember - you were exciled from your own country. By your father.
Featuring 9 bosses (4 made so far) and heaps of enemies, this game also includes a series of side quests, all of which can affect the game story. You can quest all around the known world and beyond, visiting many villages, towns and cities (6 so far), helping a poor maid, aiding a relationship, promoting the use of libraries, serving royalty and nobility, and much much more - including reasoning with a ghost!
Since this RPG-game is still under construction, it doesn't yet offer more than one party member. However, the hero is customizable and can dye their hair a number of different colours. The player also has a secret admirer - a strong willed ice maiden who doesn't seem to show any love or compassion, yet. But, as the game progresses, the player will start to realise that it is going to twist into a sort of relationship.
Also includes:
Basic weapons:
Wooden mallat

Advanced weapons:
Energy sword
(all of these advanced weapons can be forged)


Splint mail

Medical kits
High potions
Magic herbs
(Can all be mixed)

*JUST ADDED* Forging and mixing
Forge all of the 5 advanced weapons and all of the 5 shields as well as mixing all of the 5 items. Find the magical stones dropped by enemies to mix into items/weapons/shields

AND! Work in 6 jobs: builder, baker, barman, cleaner, guard and librarian. As you travel the world learn more about each job and level them up to level 5 (jobs go from 0-5)!
Different jobs pay different wages and take different amounts of time, from cleaner level 1 - 1 minute and $50 to guard level 5 - 10 mintutes and $15000!
Plus 8 screen shots:







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Re: The exciled hero - quest to the homeland

Postby Mr.Numbers » Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:16 am

Looks good, but only thing I can say is try to avoid using the same graphics... over.. and over again :P try to use some randomization :P
Please do not PM me with Engine 001 related questions, rather post on the forums. ;)

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Re: The exciled hero - quest to the homeland

Postby omgpaulthompson » Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:14 am

It is a good demo, but be careuful on proportion. The houses at the starting village seemed too small to be houses, they almost looked like kennels. However this game has great pottential and I am looking forward to seeing how it goes! :)
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Re: The exciled hero - quest to the homeland

Postby JAMMYME » Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:19 pm

Thanks for the tips, 'Olympia city' which is in the demo and 'Skyfire city' which I'm working on right now, both have bigger houses. But I get what you mean and I'm going to make more towns and cities where the houses are bigger - and those are kennels! So I

(Player in Skyfire city - the sword is a legendary weapon obtained through a side quest!!!)

*Update 1 : I've been working on the 5th Boss lately, and have just finished that part. (You obtain a steel key, to to open more doors around the world). Now you get to travel to a new part of the world - the empire of the free. The first town, eastford, has 8 buildings: 1x shop, 5x house (some have side quests to complete) 1x battler's guild and 1x quester's guild.
Each guild gives the player huge game advantages - the battler's guild lets you take part in arena battles, and the quester's guild gives you quests, which you can complete for rewards. Each of the guilds has 8 unique ranks, and you can improve your rank in the imperial city. Higher ranks in the battler's guild means you can fight harder foes. Higher ranks in the quester's guild means you can go on more exciting and more rewarding quests.
*Update 2 : I have added 7 mysterious blue doors, which do not need keys to unlock. Instead they require secret 9-digit codes. Behind the doors are special items. Behind 5 of the 7 doors you can find the angel set - helmet, sword, plate, shield and accessory. This set is the second best set of items in the game!!!
Each door leads to an island in the underground caverns. You can't jump from island to island, though. In fact, you have to find a door to each island to get there.
Location of one of the doors!

The angel's destroyer is an insanely powerful weapon! You'll have to get it to find out how good it is...

739486253 - try this out on any doors you find...
Also, download the game! If you like you can play through it (total of 40 - 60 minutes of gameplay). If you don't like it, you can just uninstall it. Please rate, keep the comments coming and give advice!
I want to get 5o downloas by the end of July, if possible...

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