Falafel: Redemption Character Art

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Falafel: Redemption Character Art

Postby aldenorai » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:38 pm


While I work on the audio/visual play "Skynetessa: Steampunk Audio Adventure" (of which we are 5 episodes in currently), I'm working on character models for my next production that I will be producing/directing: "Falafel: Redemption". I don't figure "Skynetessa" to be finished until next summer, so I'm using that time to work on getting my ASP assets in order.

"Falafel: Redemption" will be a Fantasy Adventure/Comedy series (already written, and will be 25 episodes - 287 pages total of the screenplay), fully animated within Anime Studio, that chronicles the adventures of the four Heroes of Gheldrynn in their quest to find and seal away the source of Darkness that is invading their realm attempting to destroy the "world of light" as the shadows call it. The protagonists are the lovable best of friends, despite their dysfunctions: Sir Mellos de Madrienne, a noble-hearted Paladin branded a "Prodigal Son" by the Holy Order he left due to a tragic secret he harbors in his soul; Rodney Roccoco, the charismatic and street-wise Rogue whose wit and humor are as sharp as his blades; Vespaen Illid, an Elven Priest with a heart of gold but a fancy for other men; and Piatt Illid, female Elven Mage - Vespaen's arranged wife - with a fiery (sometimes lustful) spirit to go with her magical talent and voluptuous figure.

Despite what first impressions the logline may present, "Falafel: Redemption" is certainly not a book to be judged by its cover; beyond the rather-cliche quest purpose, the stereotypical character classes, and the occasionally-risque humor that sometimes references geek culture (and sometimes goes out-of-character), there is quite a serious, enriching, fulfilling, and philosophical story that centers around how the hardships, joys, revelations, and triumphs our heroes face impact them and change their outlooks on life, leading them to appreciate that which they have, that which they are....and that which they aren't.

I aimed to make "Falafel" feel like an 80's Fantasy Adventure film with a more modern Joss Whedon flare in the writing style I approached the screenplay with. I'm rating "Falafel" Ages 16+ due to the fact that there is moderate language throughout the script (PG-13 level), some crude and sexual humor, animated fantasy violence, and some disturbing violent material.

So on to some of the vector art:

This is a WIP of Mellos (the Paladin; large image which is why I put a URL tag):

The start of Rodney (the Rogue; so far only the head is complete):

The Angelique (the name of Mellos' issued sword):

I'll update this thread as I add more.

To follow "Falafel: Redemption" on Facebook (with more concept art and some script snippets):
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