Checked corpse event not triggered when AI enabled manually

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Checked corpse event not triggered when AI enabled manually

Postby ddabrahim » Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:07 am

Hi all!

A weird thing is happening in my project and I don't really understand the cause.
What I'm trying to do is, when I killed the enemy and the player check the corpse I want the player to collect the weapon of the enemy and I have no problem with it as long the AI of the enemy is enabled by default.
But in case the AI is disabled by default and I enable it manually in certain cases using an event, when I check the corpse of the enemy for some reason the player does not collect any weapon but I don't even get any error message so I guess the "Checked corpse" event is not triggered at all for some reason but I don't understand why.
The AI is enabled at the time when I kill the enemy but it is disabled by default and I enable it manually, this is the only thing I'm doing different. If the AI is enabled by default, no problem everything works.

Anyone able to explain it to me how AI effecting the "Checked corpse" event?



I have tried to reproduce the problem in a new project but I can't. I do everything the same but it works this time...
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