Terraria Review vs. Minecraft

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Terraria Review vs. Minecraft

Postby RamchuK_Ntertainment » Sun Jan 08, 2012 2:03 am

Hello everyone, it's Ramchuk Entertainment and I've decided to develop my own review of the game Terraria for all the Terraria & Minecraft players out there. The decision for making a new post was a hard one, because I didn't want to risk getting pointed out (like on one of my posts about Minecraft), but even if so, this topic is more related and focused on the game features; good and bad. Hence, please don't be disappointed.

To start out with, I want to point out some of the similarities between Terraria and Minecraft. Even before I do that, I want to clearly state that I personally recommend Terraria over Minecraft. Why? That will be explained further on. Furthermore, Terraria is very much like Minecraft. In fact, Terraria was a 2D recreation of Minecraft itself with a mixture of a classical side scroller adventure game. According to my judgment, I feel like Terraria is more complete and game-oriented than Minecraft. The 3D Unlimited Sandbox is fun, but it's experimental; focused mainly on producing 3D cubic structures and such.

As far as gameplay is concerned, Terraria is very active and challenging compared to Minecraft. The only disadvantage that Terraria has is the limited surface space. Other than that, Terraria is well made and I could easily see the unending possibilities. We are living in the 21st century with technological possibilities thought impossible before. Terraria reminds us the 90s, but also offers something modern.

If you haven't played either games, try them! If you've played Minecraft but haven't bothered to try Terraria (like me, until I finally made the decision), try it!

The most addicting part of the game is the amount of items and things to do in the game. There are many items, easily over 50, if I'm not mistaken, but I don't know the exact amount. The point is, there are many weapons and accessories that you can decorate not only your character with, but also your home and the world.

The neat thing about the game is that everything is based on your character, not the map. For some people that's strange and uncomfortable, but it's true. Items are possessed by a playing character and remain with that character no matter where he goes; even if it's online multiplayer. So if you decide to start fresh, you need to create a new character each time, but you can always continue using your first created character.

There are 3 levels of difficulty that you can play with your character on, that also sticks to your character, not the map. Softcore difficulty is the easiest, which only makes your character lose coins when he dies. Dying is very common in the game, so having a near spawn close by is always helpful.

The objective is very similar to Minecraft; explore, discover, and build. You start out with 3 simple tools, a pickaxe, axe, and a sword. They are all you need when it comes to surviving and progressing in the game. Just as in Minecraft, you must start out by chopping down wood and building a shelter. Your first night is very vital in the game, so you want to prepare by building yourself a shelter. Usually most players will make one out of wood with stone walls. Everything is quite simple and very similar to Minecraft. At night you must survive several zombie attacks and during the day numerous amounts of slimes will be passing by. They quite honestly get annoying sometimes.

You progress in the game by mining for different types of materials necessary to make stronger and better equipment. When you're well equipped, you can go out and fight different bosses. Bosses is what actually makes the game better, it's not just boring mining that you have to do all the time, but you can also go out and battle challenging enemies.

In battle you can use different items; weapons, potions, and magic. In terms of weapons, there are both melee and ranged, potions have different effects, and magic is just magical. The game is colorful and interesting, there's plenty of things to do, and a lot (a lot) of underground adventure.

Overall, I want to conclude by giving my personal rating to each part of each game:

Gameplay > 5/10
Graphics > 9/10
Entertainment > 7/10
Overall > 7/10. (C) GRADE.

Gameplay > 8/10
Graphics > 8/10
Entertainment > 10/10
Overall > 9/10. (A) GRADE.

Please note, I do not "hate" Minecraft, or dislike it, but after playing both games, I prefer and recommend Terraria. It's worth a try.

My reasoning is because that Terraria lasts, as in your interest in the game. Minecraft, on the other hand, does get boring. For some people it's different, but that's just my opinion.

Also, if anyone is interested in Multiplayer PvP matches through Hamachi, please comment and I will send you my server info. If you'd like the match to be recorded for YouTube, let me know as well. So far I haven't seen any epic PvP battles, so if you're in for some hardcore top fights with the best gear, that could possibly make a great YouTube video.

Well thanks, and once again, TRY TERRARIA. If you don't have money to purchase it, you can try it out for free. I do not support piracy, I believe the developer deserves credit, but if you just want to see if you'd like the game or not, torrent it, and then buy it from the developer. (:

P.S: If you'd like my personal opinions on equipment, what's best or better or whatsoever, please ask; even if you just need a hint on something. Thanks!
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Re: Terraria Review vs. Minecraft

Postby Wonderland » Sun Jan 08, 2012 6:51 am

Why is 7 a C grade???

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Re: Terraria Review vs. Minecraft

Postby Adam » Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:30 am

They are similar in a lot of aspects, but you can't really compare MC with Terraria. As much as I love both, they are totally different games. Different genres and different mechanics. It isn't fair to make this comparison :)
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