001 Game Creator v1.020.003 Pre-Release

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001 Game Creator v1.020.003 Pre-Release

Postby Mike » Sun Jul 22, 2018 3:39 pm

This is a pre-release before others get it. Some new website links related to services will not function until we transition to new website; planning for early next week.

Countless bug fixes and some really nice cleanup to some features.

-Fixed crash when loading a saved game with an unfocussed map that has forced processing.
-Fixed crash when converting a sub script from textual to graphical.
-Made it error when DLC is not correctly installed when creating new projects.
-Properly made Android building target Android 8.0.0 (API level 26).
-Fixed cursor from incorrectly reappearing when loading a saved game.
-Fixed cursor from not reappearing when switching to one of the debugger sub-windows.
-Fixed landscape games on Android from crashing.
-Made field collection offset x/y scale when two sided edging is used (to mimic width/height and text size scaling).
-Added "Retrieve Position X/Y" options for fields.
-Fixed "Enable/Disable Input Set (Player)" event (old event will appear invalid).
-Fixed script debugger crash when scripts are being called recursively.
-Fixed delayed events debugger from sometimes crashing when there are delays inside an actor interface.
-Fixed crash when delaying something inside an actor interface's field trigger.
-Fixed scatter gun and resizing issues with Space Shooter.
-Fixed collision/walking bugs introduced in last version, by properly fixing flat actors going through the ground.
-Made it warn in log when projectiles instantly hit the ground, with a legacy option to disable it; will never show up in built games.

-Fixed "Actor Enters/Leaves Proximity" trigger producing a scripting error when a distance was not specified; in such a case, the distance is now assumed to be infinite.
-Applied smooth actor auto-climbing to event/AI-based movement and velocity based movements.
-Made actor auto-climbing higher when actor's speed is higher.
-Made bug reports still work when memory is low.
-Improved loading times of games with lots of scripting.
-Fixed crash with net debugger after prolonged usage.
-Fixed minimalistic saved games from loading with broken message boxes if a "Player enters" map script contained a message box event.
-Fixed HTML5 game resolution from not adapting initially.
-Fixed issues (including crashing) with delays inside actor interfaces when fields are spawned or destroyed.
-Made picking "(None)" from use value window in graphical scripter to properly reset resource, toggle, direction, rotation, range, color, time and speed parameters.
-Fixed clearing text boxes representing resources from improperly causing parameter to be skipped in-game.
-Fixed custom event / network message parameters from switching from "Number" to "Text" when changing default value.
-Made default text option for custom event / network message parameters show actual text, rather than modified text with underscores; to be clear, underscores and semicolons will continue to not be allowed for default text.
-Fixed "Shake Screen" event from not working on both axes in front view.
-Made "Lost enemy" actor trigger actually execute when an enemy is deleted or moved to another map.
-Fixed initial game launch time in HTML5 games (entire game's resources were originally being loaded all at once).
-Made "Current/Maximum Statistic" names more consistent across script and item editors.
-Renamed "Duration:" to "Transition Duration:" in all graphical scripter events to clarify the option's purpose.
-Made use of hand cursor for logo buttons.
-Fixed returning to post auto-movement from going off original route.
-Fixed AI actors not going back to post when enemy is too far (it was also not properly triggering "Lost enemy" in that case).
-Updated left hand panel to include more social media and new services.


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