Interface; Disable and Auto-Select

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Interface; Disable and Auto-Select

Postby tridecagon » Wed May 25, 2016 10:36 pm

I decided to take a small PHP game I made once and recreate it in GG. I have been very successful so far, but I do have some minor bumps to get over. First, I have a box with some text and some options. If I use the up/down arrow keys, I can cycle through all options. I want it so that the player has to use the left/right arrows to move over on this specific interface (it's the HUD) because that's where I put the "Quit" and "Restart" options. If this is very difficult or impossible, even, it will be no big deal.

Another thing is that I want certain options disabled. I did write the scripts to enable/disable options. However, I can still select them but I can't activate them. I need it so that, when disabled, the cursor/selector will not be able to choose them.

And also, I don't plan on there being a map, but I'm being forced to chose one to start on. I tried to look at the card game demo, which works how I'd like mine to. I tried to set it up the same way and it's still going to force me to make a map.

So I am on my way to a final game. I have most of it working and ready to ship. My problems now seem to be that the "Change Active Interface" command likes to mess up. I used it whenever I wanted to show a new interface and they all are set to hide the current active one. Sometimes it will not hide the active interface so I get two different interfaces layered on each other.

Another issue is that the mouse will work on some interfaces but not on others. I need it to work on all that do not require text input.

All the issues from my previous post are still there.
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